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ebaybride Posts: 101
I know this is annoying but we have had to cancel our wedding twice already and I am dying to get married. I would really appreciate if you could please vote for us on the link below. ... antId=6806 Thanks in advance. Emer
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
It doesnt bring you directly to your page so I dont know what couple you are?
mammatweet Posts: 105
I clicked on any couple and then the link on the webaddress can be changed - put in the number 6806 instead of the four numbers appearing. I think the op didn't put the link up right. Think it would be a shame for them not to get votes after the appeal - anyway I know noone else looking for the vote so Best of luck to ye!
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
ebaybride Posts: 101
Thanks for that, I'm not an avid poster so am not sure exactly how to attach links, etc. I'll try again and hopefully it'll work. Thanks for your votes. ... antId=6806