can you leave hospital before 3 nights are up?

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Buzzo Posts: 1055
I'm going public in HS in the midwives clinic because I live in the wrong postcode for the Domino scheme. My question is - do you absolutely have to stay 3 nights afterwards? I'm hoping that with the a)swine flu & visitor restrictions and b)the baby boom - that they'd be happy to have healthy mums & babies (fingers crossed) leave say, after 2 nights? :stork: Seems to me we'd be better off at home all going well. I mean if i need the support, care, or help with breastfeeding i'm happy to stay, but a potential ward of 9 women doesn't sound the most restful all going well! (i'm pleased with the visitor restrictions for this reason, though DH is unhappy his parents don't get to visit their 1st grandchild in hospital)
MomToEmandJ Posts: 1977
buzzo i had my DD on the 29th of october and because i had her before midday that counted as my first day, that was the thursday and we were allowed home on the saturday. that was in Kerry General so don't know if it differs from hospital to hospital. TBH it was enough as you can't get a decent rest and some people don't stick to visiting hours at all :eek best of luck :o)ll
Fifi Trixibelle Posts: 472
Buzzo I asked the midwife about this at the antenatal and she said as long as the baby has been checked out, and everything is ok, you can leave whenever. I also got the impression when I read about the visitor restrictions that they are hoping to have healthy Mums and babies out of the hospital quickly.. I am the same as you - there is no place like home and I figure it will be about a million times more restful than being in the hospital. Plus, my parents and DH's parents will be DYING to see the baby, and if I need help with breastfeeding, I will ask my Mum. So I'm planning on escaping asap!!
McMummy Posts: 1041
DS was born just after noon and I just spent that night and the following night in hospital. I was a SP patient but had to spend one night on the public ward with 6 other mums and their babies. DS was great he ate, slept, peed and pooped as expected :-8 so there was no reason he shouldn't go home and I was given the all clear to leave after 2 nights but then I was moved up to semi private and the midwife there wasn't keen to let me go because it was my first baby and she wanted me to stay in an extra night. I managed to convince her to let me home and all went well so I think as long as you and your LO are doing ok the public wards will def let you home.
mamam Posts: 724
I had DS early on a Saturday morning and I was home on Sunday lunchtime *)
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
My dd was born at 11:45am and I went home the following day at 11am so just less than a day but I must admit I was itching to get home.
RJR Posts: 962
I went home early from HS too - just make sure your DH or someone is available to come and get you really quickly. My DH went back to work for the morning and I was told I would be allowed home, then ended up sitting in the corridor for a couple of hours with DD (stitches and bags and everything!) waiting for him. As soon as I said I wanted to leave they were reallocating my bed.