Can you ovulate on Day 32

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summerhappy Posts: 64
hi girls, i started clomid in November and was told by doc to take it after 28 days if no AF arrived, so it never arrived and I took 2nd set of tablets, I have been taking temps, it has gone high (day 32) and is still higher than normal (day 36). Anyone know if you can ovulate this late in your cycle.
charlie crown Posts: 377
I think you can summerhappy, have a look at the chart gallery on and search for charts with late ovulation, that should help you find others who experienced this.
Double Trouble Posts: 915
Hi Summer Happy I ovulated on day 31 of a 44 day cycle a couple of months - usually pretty regular but was very stressed that month and reckoned that ovulation was delayed as a result. I wasn't on clomid though.
charlie crown Posts: 377
Sorry that should be