Can you tan through fake tan?

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puggle Posts: 848
I'm going on hols on Saturday (can't wait!!). Was thinking of putting on some Dove self tan for a couple of days before I go...just to avoid the whiter than white look. Can you get the sun through this? My friend got a spray tan before she went off on hols recently and didn't get any sun through it (even when she forgot to put sun cream on)!!
murralm Posts: 607
yes,i was down on hols in cork last week and had fake tan on and i got burnt and then tanned.guess it depends if there is any spf in the tan they used but if you read the back of some tranning agents it will say does not protect from the tan use a sun block.
primrose Posts: 291
puggle, i am going on hols soon for a week and i was thinking of getting spray tan done to take away my anaemic look!! just wondering how your friend got on...does it last the week,does it go streaky etc esp if youre putting sun lotion on over it? let me know if you can cheers
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Hi there, I got my tan done before I went away a couple of months ago, it was great for the first few days, but from being in and out of the pool, sea etc. I ended up with whiter than white hands and feet and REALLY streaky legs. Obviously not everybody is going to be like this but just be warned! Also my friend who is a beautician always gets her tan done before her hols, but brings a Rimmel self tan with her. HTH :wv
clarkie Posts: 429
Hi girls I always fake tan before going away as I don't tan naturally ever! But I use the Johnson's Holiday Skin as my moisturiser when I'm away, just in the evening before going for dinner or whatever and it keeps the fake tan even and not streaky. Got two weeks out of a spray tan the last time we went on hols. Best idea I ever had!! Good luck!
puggle Posts: 848
Hi Primrose, my friend said it lasted from Sat to Wednesday then it went a bit patchy so she scrubbed it off and tried to get a real tan. She said she'd never get one again before going away! Sorry it's prob not what you wanted to hear. Would you try the dove or the holiday sun instead, at least that way you could top it up every day if you wanted to?
Brideziilla Posts: 71
I always put fake tan on before going on holidays and never have a problem :)
primrose Posts: 291
thanks girls