Can you tell REAL labour pains straight away?

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NotHere Posts: 10273
I'm asking because I get a good few Braxton Hicks, so I was wondering if i will know straight away when a real labour pain starts or will there be a bit of confusion? I feel like there are a million roadworks and delays between where I live and the hospital so am allowing an hour to get there and don't want to panic myself thinking that fakeys are the real thing.
JuneBride08 Posts: 64
Hi, I'm sure everyone is different but when its real labour pains the times between the contractions will be more regular. When I went into labour my times went close together really quickly but the pain wasn't bad. I went to the hospital because it was my first and kinda thought this was it. Turned out that I didn't have the baby until 24 hrs later and apparently was only preparing for labour when I first reached the hospital. I thought the nurses were mad until I went into labour and realised how strong the pain got. Because the pain wasn't strong at first and the times were coming close together so quickly I never left the house until my contractions were 3 mins apart and I was 40 mins from the hospital. But thats just me. From what I hear most peoples pain gets stronger the closer the contractions get. If i were you whenever you think it is happening go to the hospital if its even just for your own peace of mind. I'm sure the nurses and well used to people coming in too early - like me!! Hope all goes well for you and don't believe what people say - I had a really good labour compared to what I expected so this could easily happen to you too. And you really do forget about it once its over.
Lady Di Posts: 2487
We live in the sticks about an hour away from the hosp, more if in rush hour. The midwifes advice on the pre natal course (she was very pro staying out of the hosp as long as you can) was if you live an hour or more away from the hosp then leave when the contractions are 8 - 10 minutes apart and lasting 60 - 90 seconds (actually might of been 40 - 60 seconds, can't believe I've forgotton already!!). So we're going to try go by that guide line except it'll prob all go out the window at the time!! Are braxton hicks not really irregular?? Just cos I heard that how you know labour pains as they are at regular intervills!! HTH's!!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Never mind how far apart they were - I could tell it was real labour pains from the pain!! I thought the BH were painful until the labour pains started - the BH are more uncomfortable than anything else. I first went to hospital when my waters broke (so hopefully you'll have a clear sign like that!) Was allowed back home anyway, and as we live about 20-25 mins from hospital, I didn't go back til the contractions were 2 mins apart - I was 4cm when I got there. Best to err on the side of caution and go once you think it's starting... HTH
NotHere Posts: 10273
Thanks for the advice girls :thnk Lady Di, the braxton hicks I'm getting aren't regular, but they [u:2faalry3]are [/u:2faalry3]uncomfortable and sore. I'm in bits today actually, not feeling well at all and very solid on the belly. Gonna have my dins in a bit though and hopefully will relax after that.
Lady Di Posts: 2487
oooh Flutterby I hope you're not going to be the next one to skip the Q!!
oirish Posts: 1541
flutterby how you feeling now chick?
NotHere Posts: 10273
Hi girls, I'm back again! :wv Lady Di, I won't be skipping the queue I hope! Not just yet anyway :o0 I'm feeling a bit better now, just soooooo big. I think I must've had a growth spurt or something! Baby has been hiccuping and kicking loads today, good hard kicks too! It's gonna be a strong little thing :baby3:
Lady Di Posts: 2487
My babies getting the hicups about three times a day!! Must take after its Mother as whenever I have a drink I always get the hicups even if its only one of two drinks!! :o0