Canapes vs Evening Food

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clairemc29 Posts: 86
Hi wollies... Just looking for your opinions on the above.. We decided some time ago to serve canapes before the meal instead of sandwiches etc in the evening because we felt guests who travelled down to hotel on the day would prefer some nibbles after the mass and wouldnt eat the sandwiches in the evening. We asked around and most people said they never really eat anything after the meal and most of the time it is a bit of a waste of food. However FMIL has an issue with this and thinks there should be evening food? What do you think? Personally I never eat the sandwiches etc at weddings but maybe that is just me??!! :ooh
candlequeen Posts: 991
I've never bothered with the sandwiches after dinner at a wedding. We're having some during the band break around 11, but that's moreso to cater for people coming to the afters at 9pm. Go with what you've organised already - and I'm sure if FMIL is peckish later on, the hotel would have no problems in rustling her up a sandwich and a cup of tea. I've started to tell real-life people NOTHING about what we have planned, because the last thing I need is anyone making me feel uncertain about things I've decided on. Go with your gut x
amthee Posts: 688
We are having both but that is only because it's included in our package. We aren't having an afters as the hotel is an hour from our home towns so everyone is invited for the meal. O:| O:| I think the food is going to be wasted at ours. I know that I love having something to eat after the church. I usually squash a bar into my hadbag for the car ride to the hotel! Do not let people make you secondguess yourself. Candlequeen I'm getting a bit like you, loose lips sink ships so I am really careful about the amount of information that I give out these days. Fmil who is really nice was able to tell me how much so and so spent on invites and things like that so from now on it's I picked this up not mentioning where or how much. I don't want everyone knowing I spent a fortune on something or spent feck all on other things.
MrsKP Posts: 372
I always eat the sandwiches / cocktail sausages at the reception! Even after eating a big meal :hic Go with whatever suits your own wedding though & like you both too i am not giving out a single detail about my wedding to anyone else as they all have an opinion!
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
We had both and were glad we did. We wanted to make sure our full day guests were well looked after food and drink wise, so had a lot of food during the drinks reception. We didn't have a large number of evening guests but we wanted to make sure something was available for them to eat, we had the usual sausages, sandwiches and biscuits. There wasn't much left! We didn't have a package as such but it didn't cost a massive amount of money in the overall scheme of things.
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
I would rather the food after the church i always find i do be starving!! We are having both though food on arrival and evening food. If it came down to it and I could only afford one i would have the food on arrival
highbeam Posts: 2578
We are having both. I find if the evening food is put on the table rather than people having to go and get it then it is eaten and wont go to waste. We managed to get both included in our package but if I had to choose Id pick to have the canapes Im always hungry by the time I get to the hotel and its great to get something just to fill the gap.
Magsk Posts: 644
Were also having both my family like their food so we decide to put a few canapes + sandwiches + cookies on arrival and evening food platters of chicken wings, cocktails sausages etc to keep them all going! I know ive been to weddings were there was no food after church and we were all pretty hungry! :eek
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
We are having both. If it came down to a choice though I would choose the canapes - same reason as above, everyone is always STARVING after the church. And also, weddings are at an awkward time, either just before or just after lunchtime. One benefit of having afters food I think is that it provides a bit of soakage to everyone. My fear is that everyone would be soooooo plastered by the time the music finishes :eek You could just serve tea coffee and cake though maybe?
Jomcodoodle Posts: 284
I'd say its dependant on how many you have to the afters. When i've attended the full day i've always been starving after the church so canapes are great and usually i'm so full from the meal i'd just have a few sambos but wouldn't really miss them. However when i've only attended afters i have done serious damage to the evening food. Maybe the hotel would provide tea and coffee for afters and wedding cake? Could that save a few euros?