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soulful Posts: 1697
[b:1jirvrb1] It is with great regret that my fiance and I must cancel our wedding. Unfortunatly we have both lost our jobs and can not afford the wedding of our dreams. We have decided to have a civil ceremony instead. The most important thing I guess is that we love each other and it doesn't matter where we do it. We have paid a deposit of €2000 to have the gold package reception in Trim Castle in Co. Meath on thursday the 24th September 2009. If there is anyone or you know of any couple that were wishing to be married on this day in this hotel please let me know, I know it is a longshot but thought I would try my luck anyway. thanks x :o( :o( [/b:1jirvrb1] Also wanted to ask if anyone knew if trim castle do civil ceremonies? I know that I should ring and ask but just feel a bit down at the moment with the whole thing.
minnielulu Posts: 358
Hi Asha, sorry to hear that you've both lost your jobs but all might not be lost. I know a girl who had a civil ceremony in a hotel during the summer and it was beautiful so maybe it would be worth considering talking to the hotel, explaining your situation and ask if you could spend the money on a smaller civil ceremony but still in their hotel? It's up to the registry office as far as I know where a ceremony can be held. I know that they will need to inspect the premises and view their fire certificate and that if everything meets their requirement they will grant a license for your ceremony so maybe next week try giving the registry office a call and see how much they would need to do it in the hotel then see if you could use the deposit money for a small reception (meals/drinks etc.) Hope it works out for you, like you say the important thing is that you love each other and want to get married but you should be able to enjoy your day too, good luck :thnk
murielswedding Posts: 372
hi poor you :o( i have my wedding booked and so dont need your date, just thought id say im sorry that you have had to change your plans, hope someone takes your date and that you have a great wedding and although it may not be the day you thought you would have, it may well turn out to be the best day ever, what ever you decide to do. I know it may seem really bad now, sometimes these things are a blessing in disguise, and you may end up with the PERFECT wedding for you after all. O:o)
madhatter Posts: 212
Why don't you still get married in a church, thats the cheap part and cut down on your reception numbers. And still hold it in the hotel that day in a smaller room for just family and close friends?????????
soulful Posts: 1697
Thanks for the replies. Yes lulu I am going to call them next week and see about the civil ceremony as I think that may be the answer. Now that my dream wedding is out the window I was thinking we might just do low-key and intimate. And by intimate I mean parents and immediate family. Only problem is I have my pronovias dress that I searched high and low for and im in love with it! If we are to be wed in a registry office perhaps the dress would be a bit over the top! The whole thing is mixed up now and don't know where its going to lead. Wish things were easy but nothing is simple in life. Maybe Ill win the lotto draw on new years eve! If I do then Trim Castle back on, sad to be talking about the lotto I know! x
murielswedding Posts: 372
i was at reg office in nass a while ago getting birth certs and there was a couple and all thier guests outside, she was in the dress veil and all and he was in a kilt, i think us irish are just not used to the reg office thing yet, in other countries its the norm. so wear the dress if you go to reg office or ceremony onsite, which ever. good luck with plans
bijou Posts: 1154
I was in that hotel last september and the rooftop is gorgeous. Why not do the church and have a buffet style on the roof and cut back the numbers? Going by our weather, it'll probabaly be nicer in sept than all summerOr they seem to have a small function room upstairs if weather is bad. You could drop the band and just have a DJ. As someone else said, the church is the cheaper part and you have the dress?? That way you have most of what you wanted and won't loose the deposit!! Have a chat with the hotel, I'm sure thay'll help with a chnage of plans! My H2B has lost his job too, but we're still going ahead....amazing what you can do on a budget!!
Jellybrain Posts: 964
[quote="asha79":fozw2win]Only problem is I have my pronovias dress that I searched high and low for and im in love with it! If we are to be wed in a registry office perhaps the dress would be a bit over the top! [/quote:fozw2win] Eh why? Im getting married in a registry office? There is no rule that you cant wear a wedding dress. If there is then Im obviously breaking that rule.
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Firstly, sorry to hear that things are tough for you at the moment. But that needn't mean you give up on everything you'd planned for the day. We're having a civil ceremony in a hotel and I'm wearing a long, ivory dress AND a long veil. Certainly, civil ceremonies can be intimate and low-key ... but that's not necessarily the case. We're just not religious, but in all other aspects, it'll be a fairly 'traditional' wedding really.