Candles in the Church

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rainbowgirl Posts: 100
Can anyone tell me how many candles I need to get for the church? Is it 1 big one and 2 small or just one big one? Don't we light just one ? Any info greatly appreciated.
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
You need 2 small and 1 big. At the start of the ceremony you and OH light a small candle each then later in the ceremony the priest will ask you to light the big one using the flame from the smaller ones
rainbowgirl Posts: 100
Oh thanks for that Daisy Row. They should be easy enough to get, another thing to tick off my list. Do most people go for personalised ones? I've seen a really nice big candle on a website for E55. Is this crazy? I know the chances are you'll put them in a box after the wedding and never use them again, except maybe in a power cut!!
orlaithd Posts: 11
Hey ya They've a wide selection on (I saw them in the actual shop too) and set of the three is about €35 so better value. I'm prob not going to go for the personalized ones as no one will see them anyway as they will be in a flower arrangement so probably could get them for less than that! Orlaithd
rainbowgirl Posts: 100
Yeah Orlaithd you're absolutely right, didn't think, of course they will be in the flower arrangement! I'll have a look at that website anyway, €35 is pretty good!
aishryan Posts: 28
our florist is putting in plain ones for free in our alter arrangement - i dont see the need for the personalised one to be honest - what do you do with it afterwards!?