cant believe i have to ask this, dont read if easily grossed

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cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
girls I know you throw your dignity out the door when you get pregnant but seriously this is taking it to the extreme.....this morn I woke up and could not bend down or walk properly cause my bum crack hurt and felt all dry and cracked :-8 I went to the loo and felt right up at the top of the crack at my tail bone and felt something hard, so I went to the mirror and bent over but no matter what way i stretched I couldnt see :-8 :-8 so I had to wake DH up and get him to investigate :o0 He said from the top of my bum crack right down to bum hole is all really sore and cracked with lots of dry skin there-a huge amt of it, but its stuck there-I tried pulling a bit off! seriously girls is this a pregnancy thing? I cant bend over, and cant believe i just typed this, what'll I do??????
jen09 Posts: 1390
Ah you poor pet; I know when I was pregnant it could sometimes be "difficult" to wipe - so it could just be some trapped moisture that has dried out overnight. Some sudocream should help with the soreness. And don't be embarressed - you are creating life & that is nothing to be embarrassed about!
angel3 Posts: 1572
:) :~) I hope you didnt have a reaction to those new loo rolls maybe there wasnt enought moisture in them for ya :o0
sept09baby Posts: 1094
Maybe try using the moist toilet tissue you can get in tesco Hope it clears up soon
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
CBB I used to get sore here too but I think it was because I found it hard to wipe. I had face cream from boots with tee tree oil and witch hazel and I used to put some of this on the tissue and it made it better. And felt really nice too.
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
[quote:3qbt813o]:) :~) I hope you didnt have a reaction to those new loo rolls maybe there wasnt enought moisture in them for ya [/quote:3qbt813o] :o0 :o0 You read my post about the good value bog roll! mybe so I never thought of that :o0 I went to the baby's room this morn and took the sudocream that I got in my EU mom box and put that on, dont think DH will ever look at me the same again but I had to know what it was :-8 thanks for the speedy replies!
zoey Posts: 1574
:o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: Sorry for laughing CBB but it's funny how there have been over 300 poeple nosy enough to have a look at your post (me included :-8 :-8 :-8 ) but only 5 replies!!!! We must all love a bit of grossness and gore!! :hic :hic :eek Hope you get it sorted out anyway cos it doesn't sound pleasant! :thnk Zoey :lvs
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi CBB, god love you, that sounds awful!! You really have a keeper in your DH, if he'll do that for you, you know you can rely on him for anything else over the next 9 months! Hope you feel better soon :wv
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Girls its not getting any better :o( What if it covers my pooh part and I cant do my number 2 :eek I was bad enough last week with not going but seriously imagine going to Doc and telling him :o0 Sudocream soothed it though!
sunsparks Posts: 2196
I've had bad dry skin before CBB, but not in that precise location. It could be sweat that dried (as someone said) or perhaps a type of fungal infection. I would suggest that you go get it checked out - as you said, dignity my ass (oops, no pun intended!). Seriously, sudocreme may help but it may not be exactly what's required here. As others have said, you have a gem of a DH. In fairness, those who say labour is what changes a man's perception of his OH forget the nine months that go before it - bleeding, thrush, pillows in bed, stretching pains, stretch marks, odd dry skin patches, weird lines on our bellies, tiredness, waddling, moaning, hormones, etc, etc, etc....... Give them a lifetime of it and they'll realise all we have to put up with! :o0