Cant believe it - I have bestest HUBBY in the world!!

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SparklyC Posts: 1766
Hubby just sent an email to say that he managed to get me 6 tickets for Take That in December in London - tickets went on sale this morning at 9am and I spent 4 hours logged on and was very annoyed that couldnt gte them. Came into work with a face on and v stroppy because of it !! >:o( Then he sends me an email to say that he got them and was waiting for confirmation email to come through before he could tell me!!! :o)ll :o)ll Cant believe it - god love him this weekend he is in for some weekend of lovin!! :-8 :o0
Shin Posts: 8515
ahhhhhh bless....he sound's like a must be over the moon are you?? are you a huge take that fan mrs ta?
Joleigh Posts: 4242
Ahhhhhhh so nice! Good start to the weekend!
MRSWJ Posts: 540
Snap My friends hubby got her tickets for the Manchester gig in December and I'm going with her :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I'm not as big a fan as her but it should be great. Yey!!!
SparklyC Posts: 1766
I LOVE TAKE THAT!! (cringe!) :-8 :o)ll Ok heres the thing - I got tickets for the gig in Dublin last Summer - we moved to UK in the APril but the tickets were booked from previous November - me and MIL travelled over on the Friday avo and and My mam was coming with us to see them in the Point. We got diverted to Shannon because of a bad thunderstorm over Dublin Airport / Santry area and basically sat on the ground at Shannon waiting to re-fuel and eventually got the Point Depot at 9.45 (they were on stage already 45 mins before that!) - we missed half the concert and were GUTTED. (did get backstage though but we only got to meet Beverley Knight unfortunately!) TODAY HAS MADE UP FOR THAT FIASCO!!! :o)ll :-8 IE - BEST HUBBY EVER EVER EVER!! AM Smiling from ear to ear since I got his email !!!!!! :hyper:
MRSWJ Posts: 540
WOW what a Fiasco. London will make up for it! We live in Dublin and are travelling to Manchester so bit of a girlie weekend too. YEY! :o)ll
Loopy Loo Posts: 1774
That's brilliant news! We're going to one of the London gigs as well but I wasn't booking so don't know which one yet. About 8 of the girlies are going to head over for a weekend :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Maybe we'll see ya there!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: (I missed the Point gig as I was away with shitty work, but saw them in the RDS. Amazing gig but apparently the Point one was a million times better. I was really appreciative when all my friends told me that O:| :o0 )
SparklyC Posts: 1766
Loopy Loo - our date is 6th Dec - Its a thurs evening - I think our chrimbo party is the next night so I will take the fri off to recover haha!! :o0 :o)ll
Loopy Loo Posts: 1774
Well, as we'll be coming from Ireland it's a weekend we're going for I think. Was soooooooo hyper about it all day!!! :o)ll :o)ll
Nolongerwollie Posts: 2181
You lucky lucky girl!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll