cant find shoes

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cvbgc Posts: 169
im looking for shoes at the moment . i need white ones . every shop i go to has only ivory ones . im very fussy when it comes to dress shoes , ive never been able to wear high heels max 2 1/2 inches , i would also like an ankle strap. im going to a bridal shop tomorrow to see if they have any . i dont want to spend a fortune on shoes either. if i had the money id open a one stop wedding shoe shop . is anyone else having this problem O:|
stick Posts: 1229
i couldnt find shoes that i could walk in, so i'm wearing coloured shoes that i can wear again
cvbgc Posts: 169
snap you have the same date as me . was thinking of a colour but im not sure.
stick Posts: 1229
ha ha we must be the odd feet brides :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: I decided to get blue shoes something blue and i'l wear them again which is the big thing. they are a darker blue ... 1219085850
NewShoes2011 Posts: 83 have some lovely shoes and very reasonably priced! Worth a look :wv
cvbgc Posts: 169
thanks girls . just an update , ive just orderd a pair from its a chinese web site but i know people who ordered items before and they never had a problem lets hope its the same with the shoes. cant get a pic of the shoes but if you go to the web and type a0780 youll see them.
lady lolly Posts: 391
I need white shoes too. I bought mine from Ruby shoes. Michelle was brill. Have got a sample of the material of my dress and she's dying them that colour and then dying them black after the wedding so i can wear them again!!