cant get any work done

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msbelle Posts: 726
help .. i am addicted to this site! cant get a thing done in work! i am seriously behind and playing catch up all the time. i promised myself i wouldnt go online at all today but straight ere from i came in!! ill be sacked >:o)
mrswifey08 Posts: 126
I totally agree with you.. My work is suffering, and I wonder why i'm getting stressed with it and thinking there is not enough hours in the day :o0 :o0 I need this site blocked from my PC :o0 :o0
msbelle Posts: 726
im going to try to log off now and work non stop till lunch time! here goes...... :o(
Rubyrose Posts: 5522 did it go????
msbelle Posts: 726
i gave in at 12.45 .. couldnt even wait 15 mins !! im obsessed :hic but on the plus side i have found my wedding cake!! have a look at "my sisters cake" think the post is called! so fab and so cheap and exactly what i wanted