cant get motivated

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babynumber1 Posts: 282
i need your help wollies. i really need to loose some weight. id say about a stone and a half. i spend a lot of my time thinking about how much i want to loose it and what i can do to lose it but i just cant seem to get motivated to actually doing it. i am just so tired by the time i get home in the evening i just end up watching tv and saying ill do it tomorrow. i need to get my ass in gear! O:| O-O O:| my main problem is i get bored very easily so if i join a class i am sick of it by the 2-3rd go. what did you wollies do to get motivated and more importantly stay motivated!
Bright Star Posts: 756
Hi Limkbabe, Im in the same situation as you... i have no motivation at all, i would love to lose 1.5 stone.I have tried numerous classes but like you i get fed up of them after a while. Although if im perfectly honest i think a lot is cos i dont have anyone to go with.Maybe if i had we would could motivaye one another.... im from Limk City originally but moved to the country after i got married.. and its lonely enough, after coming home from work i just want to sit & watch my soaps!!! :wv
babynumber1 Posts: 282
hi brightstar. i think we will just have to make up our minds to go and do it! the evenings are brighter now so i think i will get out the ipod and go for a brisk walk every evening. im hoping once i start loosing a bit of weight that i will be motivaed by the results.. getting started is the hardest part. i know what you mean about having someone to do it with though. id say this would help. i have moved to Cork so dont really know anyone so am in the same boat as you..
excitementcity Posts: 1007
Hi girls Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to just loose weight for no reason. To go to the gym day in day out with no goal. It's hard to motivate yourself to head out after a long day of work when its dark and cold and you flat out just dont feel like it. So how about signing up for something like the womens mini marathon or something to give yourself a goal because that way you will have something to aim for and it is easier to have short term goals rather than a never ending one to loose weight. I decided that I would sign up for a triathlon this summer and by getting fit for that there is the by product of loosing weight. If I tried to loose weight without a goal it would never work. The other thing is the more you do, the more you feel like doing too until it gets to the stage that you do it because you love it. I find now that sometimes when I get home from work I dont feel like going running or cycling or whatever but then I think 'oh no I only have x longer to go before the race' and I just think to myself that I don't want my family to see me drop out come race day nor do I want to be last over the line. So that sense of pride keeps me going and gets me out the door when I don't feel like going. Sometimes by signing up for classes etc there is no end in sight so you loose interest after a while but eg with the mini marathon you know that there is a deadline for the race so that will help to motivate you. Anyway hope that helps...... :wv
babynumber1 Posts: 282
its a great ides excitement city. fair play to you for doing it. dont think i will be up for the same thing but its a great idea to have a goal in sight. :o)ll :thnk
excitementcity Posts: 1007
No worries!