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stayanon Posts: 476
Jeidi, how far along are you?? Did your dr mention puppps. I had this with dd. Basically it's harmless to you & baby, albeit very annoying. The best way to describe puppps is that you become alergic to babys dna. It disappears after birth and is more common to get in 3rd trimester although not that unusual to get it earlier. I was really lucky as my gp was doing a phd on skin disorders and had just done a lot of research on skin problems in pregnancy. When I mentioned that I had this to midwives they has never heard of it before and my friend who is training to become a dr (in her final year) had also never heard of it. It happened in the 3rd trimester and was so uncomfortable. The rash started around my stretch marks and spread all down my legs and arms. It drove me bananas. My gp wasn't too keen on using creams with steroids or anti-histamines so she suggested trying some natural things to ease the itching. What I tried and helped a lot was... I kind of had a ritual. 1st which is messy but really works, make a paste with baking soda and water and rubbed on affected area... then took a bath with oatmeal and handful of the baking soda. Afterwards used e45 and also tried aveeno creams. I kept the area well moisturised. But the baking soda and oatmeal bath really was good. I know your case is a bit different but maybe using some natural methods along with dr prescribed creams will help and give more relief. Good luck
stayanon Posts: 476
Oh also I have since heard from gp that you can get a soap which is fantastic for itchy skin. It's not available in Ireland but can buy it on ebay, it's called .. Grandpa's pine tar soap .. ( I think)
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Hi Stayanon, I am 31 weeks. No my Doctor didnt seem concerned about it at all to be honest he was more worried about the uncomfortableness of it all. I took the phenergan twice and decided not to take it last night. It just doesnt feel right. I had my second reflexology session last night and I've not had any itching since Monday. I dont have any stretch marks (please God I dont get any) but I am keeping myself lathered in bio oil and body creams...