Car Car Hire Cork-Any Deals?????

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frostypiglet Posts: 78
Hi All, I'm getting married in May next year and I'm looking for some information on Wedding Car Hire. Some of the quotes that we have got have been outrageous. Any one get any deals or have any idea of a reasonable priced hire company? Any help would be appreciated.
vidia Posts: 2960
Hi Frosty, i dont know of any deals going, but I do know there is a new company in Cork, Weddingsbyshamrock - they are in the market for all wedding planning and i know they do cars too, might be worth emailing them. hope you get sorted :o)ll
Bobbybear Posts: 55
Hi there, my advise would be do not book until closer to the wedding and then you can defo get a better deal as places want the business as much as you want a lift to the church!!. We just got married in June and booked the car about a week and a half before the wedding and managed to negociate a deal (for a Sat) with the guy in Midleton, Cork. There are a good few places doing hire out there so hold tight as long as you can. Alternatively if you are not willing to run the risk go with Top Class Limousine. Good Luck and Enjoy. Wish I could do it all again. O:o)