car crash

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wishul Posts: 134
oh my god wollies...i had a really bad crash this morning...Car lost control and went all over the pace. Its a least i didnt crash into anyone else...we┬┤ll have to get a new car so putting a big dent in out wedding fund... However, H2B is being amazing about it. Doenst care one bit about his car being ruined....just making sure im ok. seeing a really amazing side to him at the moment. makes you think about whats important right now....
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
Sorry to hear that, but am so glad your ok. The car can be replaced. Bobbie xxx
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
Never mind the car thank God you are ok! You must be in complete shock you poor thing! Cars can be replaced...yes there's the money aspect, but in the great scheme of things what does it matter! You h2b is absolutely right. :lvs Take things easy for a while, you've had a horrible experience. :action32
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
Sorry to hear about your accident, glad your ok. Big hugs to you :xox :xox :xox
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Poor pet, glad you are ok. Don't worry about the car :wv
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Hope you are ok, you must of got some shock!! As your H2B says don't worry about the car it can be replaced!!
mollyeile Posts: 2486
Glad you are ok and H2B is looking after you. Take it easy and rest up - you have had a nasty shock
Delish Posts: 4176
Thank God someone was watching over you today, money comes and goes, tg it wasn't any more serious. :wv
Belleboo Posts: 924
omg that's so scary - thank god you are ok!
RainbowBrite Posts: 646
This happened to me a few years ago, just before christmas was on my way to work when car went out of control and I ended up smashing into a tree being flung upside down and climbed out the window! Was pregnant at the time so it was really scary. We had the car only 3 weeks and all I could think was h2b will kill me, but no he was amazing, said feck the car we'll get another and that same day after getting checked with the doctor we went car shopping. I know the fright, it's awful and you'll relive it at night for the first week, my only advice is to sit straight into a car again and go for a drive, just to get confidence behind the wheel again. Hope you're ok :wv