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daisybabe Posts: 767
Hi all, My policy is up for renewal this week and I was wondering who you would recommend as the cheapest?? I've only got 1 year no claims, and so far the cheapest quote was with with someone called Travellers. Anyone else with this company, or even heard of them?? Thanks girls :wv
xwishingx Posts: 600 or, sometimes if you ring them the actual quote is cheaper. and always ask is that the best price, sometimes they come down in price again
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
try mike murphy brokers, they check around for cheapest quote, i find them good, have rang around myself for quotes and they always seem to get the cheaper price.
LV Posts: 175
I have heard Travellers are very competitive at the moment. Also try AA who check around for cheapest price and another broker called Arachas who I think are very reasonable. Also try all of the insurance companies direct websites, you can usually get an online discount. LV
moobear Posts: 1126
Try Quinn Direct also - I am with them for a couple of years now & when I changed to them, the quote that they gave me was 1/2 the price that the other insurance companies were giving me. At the time I also had only one years no claim
nk12 Posts: 115
hi there i have found is a brilliant site! so got my insurance through them.. i will be going through them when hubbies car is due for renewal. with at the moment for that car and the customer service is not great! good luck!
sweetsuburbangirl Posts: 32
I went with got a very competitive quote with them.
HighMaintenance26 Posts: 2303
try this company i got my insurance with them last yeah as i shopped around and mines is due now in the next few weeks also, they gave me the best quote and if you get a cheaper quote they will match it.
daisybabe Posts: 767
Thanks everyone, checked out them all and the cheapest quote I got was with aa ireland so I think I'll go with them. :thnk
kkb2b Posts: 166
Try - i just got our house insurance from them, i tried various brokers etc and they were €80 cheaper than the rest! :o)ll