car not isofix compatable

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tilsun Posts: 4506
We have an old three door car. From what I can tell it would not be isofix compatible. I have considered changing it but otherwise it's a great car. One of my biggest worries for when baby arrives is having a car crash. So I'd love to know that the car seat we have is the safest possible. I had read that isofix was the best way to go. Does anyone know if there is an any way to make a car compatible? Or are there other car seats that are said to be as safe? Thanks
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Go into mothercare and they will explain everything about the car seats. We found them fab. We did go with an iso fix seat because our car does have these connections but only 2 companies make iso fix the maxi cosi or britta. Everyone else are the normal seat belt ones. We have two cars and did think we would move the car seat between cars but we don't always. I am still using the strap in car seat I got with the pram! But I will be going and buying a non iso fix seat. As long as baby is strapped in and the seat if properly fixed in the car then they are all very safe.
cardsbykaren Posts: 119
Tilsun, we were involved in an accident 2 years ago, DS was only 20 months at the time, we don't have isofix. The accident was nasty enough, a lorry hit us head on, (very slow speed around a blind bend) our car was written off. DS seat never budged, he didn't even get belt bruises, he was fine. When DS was smaller we had the mamas and papas primo viaggio (sp?) seat belt one and please god if we manage to have number 2 I will use that again. If the car is a good car, it'd be a pity to change it - at extra expense just for that. On a lighter note, do you wonder how we ever surrived as kiddies? I rember the day my brother was brought home from hospital, his carrycot was laid on the back seat, no belt, with my granny, myself and my sis stuffed in besided him :eek lol Good luck K
petitepois Posts: 169
hi i dont have isofix either but I have ordered an easy base for the maxi cosi seat which means you just slide the seat in and out when needed, no messing with the belts. i have a 3 door mini aswell and so had to research whether i could keep it or not, its tight enough bending in to the back so i think its worth having the base for ease, a guy in halfords said these were very safe as the leg stops any movement of the base in the event of an accident and theres 2 swithces on it that fo green when the seat is in correctlty and the base is level. as well as safety you have to consider getting the child in and out while its rear facing, halfords also tried a seat that does from newborn to a few years but its a stationary seat and i wouldnt have been able to get the child strapped in or anything, unless i put in in through the boot- eek. [img:3vfnmq2i][/img:3vfnmq2i]
tilsun Posts: 4506
Thanks girls. Cardsbykaren that accident must have been terrifying, good to hear your little one was fine. Petitepois, that base looks great. Might have a chat to Halfords. Mrs Summer, glad you found Mothercare useful, they don't have any more information evenings until late Jan but I suppose i could just pop into them and see what they can advise. I know I'm early looking into it, juts want to e sure we don't have to budget for a new car as well as everything else :thnk
medea49 Posts: 324
We have an older car too without isofix, and have no intent of changing it as it works perfectly-- we're doing the exact same as Petitpois, have gone for the MaxiCosi with separate base, which I'm very happy with, and which seems very secure to me. :wv
marianf Posts: 5845
We have isofix in both cars but we are going to get the Easybase so that we can swop it between cars at the weekends etc. Seems every bit as sturdy to me as the isofix if fitted properly.