car seat question..compatilbility with car?

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snuggler Posts: 1296
Hi, just a question re car seats..I have a 02 VW Polo, I bought the Graco quattro tour travel system and was gonna buy the car seat base for car for handiness of taking baby in and out etc..its only 40 euro but my sister said she thinks only fit into 06 cars(she was told this), anyone clarify? something to do with isofix or something? tks in advance
Princess Mom Posts: 304
Isofix is basically extra fittings inbuilt into a car to attach an isofix seat base to. They became standard with manufacturing in 2006 however some cars may have them in that before that (I am not sure how far before I am getting my info from ireland am last week) If you do not have isofix fitting in your car another option is surefix which is a seat base which will can be fitted to any car. Obviously its a question that will have to be asked in relation to the seat you are looking at. I am sure the shop where you are buying the seat will be able to check your car to see whether it has isofix and advise you of your options. ...... There should be manuals on how to pick a car seat...... travel system etc....... Its a minefield out there that one only learns as they go along.... Good Luck