Car Seats advice for beginner?!

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wifetobe Posts: 1438
So when we take baba home from the hospital, the isofix seat goes in the back facing the seat and me with her. Then if I'm bringing her out on my own, where do I put her? On her own in the back?
Wild Child Posts: 1694
Hi wifetobe Yea you put the car seat in the back ......Its not safe to put the car seat in the front unless you can turn off the front airbags (I think) personally I wouldn’t recommend it anyway as studies have shown that the passenger seat is the most dangerous seat in the car. More than likely she will just sleep in the car anyway they usually do when they are only little. HTH
wifetobe Posts: 1438
thanks wildchild....hope you're feeling well in your pregnancy :wv
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
Wifetobe, you do not have to go in the back with her if there is someone else driving. In fact it might be better if you did not, because then she will get used to being in the back on her own, and then when you are out on your own she will not expect someone in there with her IYKWIM? That said I think for the journey home from hospital it is nice to be in there with the LO because it is hard to take your eyes off them. FP
neeov Posts: 4256
you can get a mirror to watch baby from the drivers seat.