Car seats and baby carriers

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Just In Time Posts: 15
Hi, I'm looking to buy a car seat and baby carrier and don't know how much to spend. I've read up on car seats and that it should be Isofix approved but the prices are so varied and don't know what's kinda standard. On the baby carriers, I saw one for 40euro and another for 200. I'm guessing that the more expensive ones are more comfy to wear. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!
Baby Powder Posts: 265
For the baby seat, we went with the besafe, isofix. We decided to keep him rear facing as it 5 times safer in the event of an accident, so went with the be safe izi combi, isofix, and rear facing till 18kg (approx 4). There will be new legislation coming in (not sure when) that babies should be RF til 15 months. For the carrier, we went with the Stokke, can be used in 3 positions till baby is 13kg. Don't use it a huge amount, but it's great when we do, find it great for travelling. Baby's hips should be in the "frog" legs position to keep their hips in alignment when small, that's the most important thing. There's sling meets and library's if you're looking for a wrap/sling as opposed to a carrier.
LittleLily Posts: 3682
For both, I'd recommend going into a shop and seeing them in person. Car seats you can usually Google individual reviews of whatever you're interested in. For the carrier, see if you can find a shop where you can try them on. Carriers are like shoes, some fit, some don't, one someone else finds comfortable, you might not find comfortable at all. Some things to look for are nice comfy padded straps, babies seat is knee to knee and baby facing in ti parent will be way more comfortable than facing out, for both baby and the person wearing them.
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Be safe isofix RF and then when she got to relevant weight and grew out we went for next stage be safe, not RF as we'd never have gotten far that way the older she got.