Car stereos - which one?

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mia Posts: 963
Just when I thought my relationship with my car had drastically improved, the stereo went bust. Can't be repaired apparently so has to be replaced as I'm going out of my mind for 3 hours a day as I commute to work. If I don't replace it soon road rage will get the better of me! Silly me thought it would be as easy as just going in and buying one but no. Basic CD? Multi CD? MP3? How does an MP3 player car stereo work? I don't have a fortune to spend but I've seen a couple of special offers and don't want to appear the clueless female when it comes to all things motoring!
kittenheart Posts: 1488
Me too girls if anyone knows anything about the MP3 player for a car I am very interested. I would love to have no c.d.'s clattering around the place
yadayada Posts: 1066
Ok I'm no techno head so in laymans(or womans :lol: ) terms...For the MP3 compatibale cd players you can burn approx 150 songs onto a cd. You need to use windows media (you'll need the latest version) to rip them from the cd to your computer. They will copy as .wma by default (check to make sure the cd player recognises the format) but you can set it as .mp3 file. Then burn them to a cd as a [b:4g3izhof]data file[/b:4g3izhof]. Alternatively if your radio works and you have an mp3 player or ipod you can buy a transmitter that you plug into the headphone socket of your mp3 player /ipod, plug into the cigarette lighter, tune the radio to the required frequency (mine had 4 different ones) and bobs your uncle. This is the transmitter I bought ... dZViewItem and its working fine.
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
I lost ye somewhere around the smiley Mrs. Loulou. [img:33ccm1wx][/img:33ccm1wx]
mia Posts: 963
smittenkitten Posts: 116
Miss X Posts: 1415
H2B swears by a company called I.C.E. give them a call and they'll run through the options with you. He just got an ipod connection in his car, its a small cable in the glove box and you plug it into the ipod and all the song names etc come up on the car stereo screen and you select/play songs using the buttons on the stereo, very clever and it was fairly cheap. I know you need a new radio but it might be worth your while getting a fairly cheap standard radio and an MP3 connection for it. HTH