Car Themed Wedding...anyone any ideas for me???

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shellwhit304 Posts: 4
Hi there, Just looking for ideas for a car themed wedding. Ive thought of naming the tables after cars, car cake topper and car favours or car shaped candies. Does anyone have any other ideas for me or are there any websites you can recommend for car themed items?? Thanks !! :)
RinkyDinkSlink Posts: 730
Had a look-see and this is about the only car themed one I could find... [url:ssgy5jxh][/url:ssgy5jxh] To be honest it's a bit, well, ahem not great? I can't see the car theme coming out anywhere apart from the seating plan. Still though, it's a starting point! :) I'm sure someone on here will have some great ideas, and offbeat bride is another good site for interesting concepts. Oooh, you could have those little chocolate cars they sell in M&S as favours! There's my bright idea for the day done!
stick Posts: 1229
my cosuin had a car themed wedding and it was GREAT. we all lvoed it. they had the cake done out on 3 levels like the podium and had 3 different layers -they were different cars as teirs. they had the cake toppers in the their racing suits. each table was called a car type. and had a picture of that car on the tabnle. they had the small cars from Marks and Spensers as favours. it was brill
marianf Posts: 5845
Not sure how many there are but maybe you could use 'tv/film' cars like Herbie, Knight Rider, Bat Mobile, Car in Back to the Future etc
stick Posts: 1229
PS their 1st dance was CHASING CARS and they named the cars after cars used mainly in rallying and fast cars
Wedding Cars Ireland Posts: 1970
Hi, Old time gangsters and cars always went together, so 20's/30/s gangsters/molls outfits for the wedding party and arrive in a true gangster era car. Maybe name the tables after the great cars of the time like LINCLON, CORD, CHRYSLER, FORD, AUBURN and of course, PACKARD, BUICK AND DODGE. Best of luck!
shellwhit304 Posts: 4
Thanks everyone for those ideas. I am NO good at coming up with good ideas O:| theres some good ones there I'll definitely look into :compress