Cardio on empty stomach or not ?

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neilro Posts: 6
Hey.. i am gonna ask a question from you what do you think is it okay or not to do cardio with empty stomach..?? share your view about it
Bmaris Posts: 37
I don't know if it's right or wrong but I'd nearly always run on a near empty stomach . Went yesterday morning for 8.5k before breakfast. If I'm running in the evening say 6.30 I'd have a toasted sandwich no later than 4.30 and my dinner when I get back.
hmoonbabs Posts: 8
Me too always on an empty stomach but not sure if its the right way of going about it or not I just always tend to not go if I eat first!!
Jojo84 Posts: 121
I can't do it, I just feel absolutely awful if I do. If I run or swim in the morning I need a light snack about 30 minutes before I exercise.
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
I can't eat before I do cardio, it makes me feel ill. If I am doing cardio in the evening I won't eat anything after about 3 and then I will eat my dinner after Cardio. If I do cardio first thing in the morning I don't have anything except water in my belly. I don't agree with having the likes of energy drinks they are full of sugar, so unless you are a professional athlete I would stay away from them and stick with plain old water
ashcapp Posts: 31
If I run first thing in the morning then I won't eat anything before. It takes me a very long time to digest food and I feel anything I had even 2 hrs before a workout. If I run after work in the evening (5:30/6ish) I will stop eating at 4:30, but usually don't have any snacks that late. Not sure what is best for you but I personally can't eat a meal right before I run. I know plenty of people who can, but I just can't. I've never really ran farther than 10k at one time, so not sure how it would affect me at longer distances.
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Mia Taylor Posts: 13
In my experience, you should eat at least a banana before any exercise in the morning
stream26 Posts: 23
I feel like you need to do what feels right for your body. Personally I do cardio on empty stomach