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Maud Posts: 857
Hi women, does anyone know about career breaks and how long you usually would have to work before you can take one? I think it depends on the employer. Have any of you done this? Are you allowed to do Fas courses if you are on a career break and claim social welfare? It's just that, I'm losing my will to live and I need to get my personality and interests back after working in the same place for years. (I'm sorry for being so melodramatic, I know I'm very indulgent :roll: ).
clucky Posts: 26471
afaik it depends on teh employer i used to work in the bank and you could get 1 year career break but could not do any other paid work during that year most people used it to go to australia or travel and some used it to add on to maternity leave - some employers do allow FAS courses but the bank didn't so check it out off the record with some one you can trust in the company. I understand what it feels like to be at teh end of your tether with a job. love the avatar btw
happychick Posts: 557
most public/semi public companies have a policy where you can get it for travelling, family reasons or setting up your own business. Your company should have a policy on it. Usually you have to be permanent in a job and they will only have a certain amount of people on it at the same time. It is worth looking into as they can only say no :D
charli Posts: 5994
if you work for government organisation etc you can get a career break (in case for up to 5 years) you need to apply for a year and can renew it for up to 5 years (as in you can't just apply for 5 year break) as far as i know once you are permanent you have this entitlement but you can't take other work, it's as happy chick says for travel/family reasons and of course, unpaid!
ChloeOct06 Posts: 1466
it's been different every where i've worked. First place you could just ask to go, and if it suited them they'd let you or may negotiate a convenient time for them to let you go and they would hold your job for a year. You could work elsewhere and were under no obligation to come back. The second place you had to be there 4 years. You could only take a year and it had to be voluntary work or education/training. I didn't think you would be allowed to claim social welfare? But i could be totally wrong. I thought you could only get it if you had been sacked/made redundant/couldn't get a job. Do you need/want to come back to this job?
Maud Posts: 857
hello, thanks a million for the replies(& thanks Lucky who replied ages ago!), I don't really know if I'd want to come back to my job. If I was away from it for a while I might realise that I miss it because I think I might just be in need of a proper break. On the other hand, I might become more confident and start looking at different options. I've been here for 5 years and the practice I'm in isn't really going anywhere. My brother said the other day that most companies don't grow with their employees- he's right about that. I was thinking that I could take a break after we get married, that would be ideal. I'd really love to travel but we have cats and I don't want to leave them. Very stupid, I know! I'll ask my boss about it whenever the time feels right, I suppose. I tried to find out about career breaks on the internet but i didn't get anywhere.
charli Posts: 5994
[quote:1pwn9qu9] tried to find out about career breaks on the internet but i didn't get anywhere.[/quote:1pwn9qu9] probably because there is no "standard", if you are in a union, they could give you all details that you need, try IMPACT website, that's for all admin/clerical staff, if that's any help
ChloeOct06 Posts: 1466
have you used the larger banks, consultancies and american blue-chip organisations are on there.. it's like a b*tching forum for employees. quite american.. but you may find your employer on there