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DollyBird14 Posts: 134
Hey Everyone :) Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice please. I have been thinking for a long while about changing careers. I have been in my current position for nearly 4 years, and it's an office based job. I have had many jobs in the past. This is the longest job I've ever had. Before this job my longest position was a year and a half. In the past whenever I got sick of a job I would just see what's out there and take whatever was there and hope for the best that I would like it. I'm in my early thirties and I think where I was going wrong in the past was that I wasn't thinking about what I would actually like to do, I was just taking whatever was on offer to get out of the previous job. Even though the beauty industry is one that I've never worked in, I love the thought of working for myself and being a bridal make-up artist. I have always had a strong interest in beauty, make-up etc. for myself. But never thought about it seriously as a career. I would love to have a job that I am passionate about and am happy to go into every day. I've never had a job like that before. To go into this line of work it would mean retraining and starting from scratch from the bottom. I suppose my biggest concern would be the financial side of things. The courses aren't cheap, and to get started wouldn't be cheap either. As well as that, would probably take a good bit of time before I'd start making proper money from it, and that's only if I was actually any good. I know my H2B would prob be supportive, but I'm worried that it would put a strain on us if we were under pressure financially from my venture, and if then it didn't even work out. We have a mortgage and the usual bills. I suppose another concern is that I'd make a complete balls of it and make a show of myself. Has anyone been in a similar situation wanting to change career paths completely, or worked in the beauty industry? Or even just any opinions or feedback would be much appreciated. I suppose mostly wondering I am being silly entertaining these thoughts, should I just be happy with my lot and get on with it? Do most people actually like their jobs, or are they like me and just force themselves in every day to pay the bills? Thanks in advance! :)
TeaParty14 Posts: 208
Hi Dollybird, I dont work in beauty industry but would would recommend talking to someone who has gone out on their own. Maybe shadow them for a day if you can. Ask them what its like setting out on your own, finances, time commitments, how to advertise, etc I would also recommend talking to your husband about this. How will you manage? Do you have enough savings or will you need a loan? Will he support both financially and time-wise? Just a few ideas to get you thinking!