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mama2E Posts: 670
Where to start - Ok so I'm 39 wks later this week. Well in a nut shell I was up last night with crazy cramps (like period pains/lower back pains). I was convinced it was labour - I timed the pains for two hours (1-3am)and they were lasting about a minute every 20 mins or so. They were so painful I was close to tears and worked hard to remain calm and relax......I was doing my hypnobirthing and managed to fall back to sleep until 6.30 this morning! Today I feel a little crampy and very very sore and uncomfortable. In fact I feel as if I have a temp or am coming down with something. I am as weak as water and my insides ache (like pulled muscles) - never mind the pressure down below! The thing is that last few days I have been doing everything to bring on labour raspberry leaf tea (6 caps daily), curry, sex, hot baths etc etc Now I have the awful guilt that I am making myself unwell and I should actually leave baba well enough alone. Last night I would have put money on it being the real thing - i think I have scared myself a little. The pains did not remind me of my labour with DD1 (I actually can not remember the pain at all). Anyone else ever have fully blown "false labour" like this before???? Do you think this was just hard core braxton hicks (although pains were in my side and back)/ have i over done it with the sex, curry, hot baths or could this be the start of something? Dont feel very well what ever is going on :o(
wowza Posts: 556
I've heard you get stronger braxton hicks on your second, but if you are feeling unwell you should give the hosp a ring for peace of mind.
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
don't stress, i'm sure you haven't overdone it. it's probably just your body getting geared up for the big thing or you could be coming down with a bug. just try to get as much rest as possible and let nature take it's course. i know it's awful waiting for a baby, you get so impatient, but the baby will come soon enough. i would stay away from hot baths though, i thought they were a big no no in pregnancy as baby can't regulate their temperature if they get too hot. here's hoping baby makes an appearance soon!
mama2E Posts: 670
oh flip didn't know that about hot baths!
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Could you have a kidney infection? I had one at 36 weeks, came on very sudden with awful pains in my side and was coming and going in waves. I really thought that was it!