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ccmar2010 Posts: 123
Hi, just had to post this. H2B and I were thinking of getting a caricature done but I was a little unsure if it would look ok or a little silly. I got some quotes from some local suppliers and although they were all very helpful, they're a little out of our price range (€300 range!) especially since I wasn't 100% sure. Well anyway, H2B really liked the idea and he went off and found a web site that does them for $35 each! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll You send them photos of you and they email the image back. You can get it amended if you need or want and it's big enough to print any size. The pic is really great and now we can get more done if we want for our invites, thank you cards, etc. The site is Enjoy
makeupaddict Posts: 592
Oh please post the name of the site! Would love to suss that out!
elizajane Posts: 631
me too :lvs :lvs me too please!!! Could you PM me details!! :thnk
CavanB2B Posts: 232
If you wouldnt mind can you PM the details to me too please :o)ll :o)ll Thanks O-O
2010 bride! Posts: 33
Hi, can you pm the details to me to. Thanks :wv
MissMuppet Posts: 2085
Can you PM me too...thanks :thnk
Gembira Posts: 847
me as well please! :thnk xxx
amummynow Posts: 604
Me too please
come dine with me Posts: 306
H2B is meant to be doing this for us himself but as of yet he hasnt got organised bout it so could you please pm me the details as well, much appreciated!! :thnk
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Can you pm me too, please?