Caricatures on invitations?

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E and E Posts: 84
Hi there, Spotted a guy at the wedding fair in the rds that did caricatures for invitations. Thought they were good fun but over budget for us. Does anyone have any ideas of how to do it for cheaper?
bangel Posts: 2285
We have caricatures on ours (well we will when I make them all!) We got a caricature done a few years ago and I scanned the image into the computer. From there you can do anything with it. We got our caricature done abroad but I think (from what I remember) there is a guy in Stephens Green Shopping centre that does them, even from photos. You could print it onto plain paper and then put it onto backing paper and stick it onto the front of the invites, or use it as a background. Here is a REALLY REALLY rough version of ours. [img:g5ckgzw9][/img:g5ckgzw9] [img:g5ckgzw9][/img:g5ckgzw9]