Carlton Abbey Hotel, Athy

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natsmc11 Posts: 31
Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone is getting married or has been to a wedding in the Carlton Abbey Hotel, it looks lovely on the internet and seems very reasonable. I would love to hear any feedback you may have before I view it. Thanks :wv
gopro Posts: 1801
we went to view it the room was way too small for us. I'd saybit would be ok for 130 guest max. we had240 Also we took time off work to go met the co ordinater n wen we got down there was commotion from the receptionist the co or had gone how. the general manager had slipped out do a bar man showed us around
GALAXIA Posts: 180
Hi, i have booked here for my wedding next summer. The manager Richard Nolan is very helpful and honest and willing to do deal on package. If there was something I wanted not included, he was willing to include or substitute. The package is very reasonable compared to other hotels and deposit is only 250 euro.
LittleLily Posts: 3682
We viewed it when we were looking for a venue and it was never a runner for us. We viewed the other place in Athy on the same day (can't remember the name of it) and they were lovely. Brought us over coffee and a little plate of biscuits and just made us feel so welcome. In the abbey we arrived on time for our appointment and were kept waiting for 20 minutes! Not even an offer of a glass of water while we were waiting. Eventually we were shown the room and while I didn't hate it, I didn't love it either. The ceiling felt low to me, but honestly, I think that was just me. The main problem was the service we got. We had a small wedding of 50 and a big afters and the guy who was showing us round kept saying "well you're not having a wedding really, more of a party". No where else did we get this reaction.
tooyay Posts: 299
We tried to view it but when we arrived we were met by the receiptionist after explaining why (hoping to see the venue and the building and hoping to talk to someone about availabilty and packages)we were there and asked for a brochure we then asked if it was possible to have a walk around to see the venue we were told NO there were functions on and that we could not see the hotel, we were not asked if we wanted to talk to anyone and when we sat down to look at the brochure it had been written all over. Having been seriously disappointed we left after driving 1 hr to see the place I did email the manager to advise him what happened and try set up another viewing but he never bothered replying.
natsmc11 Posts: 31
Thanks for all your replies, its very hard to pick somewhere :duh: