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bullbride Posts: 423
what car is everyone getting and are you getting transport for bridesmaids and all?!! I haven't decided yet, am only at the early stages of planning!! getting married September 2008!!
Greece Posts: 1800
Hey, getting married August 08. Getting the rolls for us and a limo for the BM's. i love the proper vintage cars instead of the ones that are new...but made to look old. Have a look anyway. id book soon enough, you'd be surprised how many bookings they have for next year already, i tried about 5 different companies for my date!!! [/img]
Greece Posts: 1800
Sorry here is the link to see the car.
Mammypig Posts: 832
just a rolls for us. was looking at 2 limo's or 1 vintage car (same price) and went for the vintage car in the end. have a few nice cars in the family so will do them up with ribbon and things for the wedding party
bullbride Posts: 423
[quote="Diamond Diva":14c8i2bh]Sorry here is the link to see the car. [/quote:14c8i2bh] its gorgeous! was at a wedding with one of them last year and it looked gorgeous, especially in the wedding video when they changed it to black and white for the car coming down the road - it was really really nice!!
Greece Posts: 1800
That sounds like a really nice idea, might suggest to my photographer / videographer. Thanks for that. Best of luck with the rest of your wedding plans. Everyone keeps saying "the time will fly"...if i hear it one more time I swear ill strangle someone...but then again i suppose they are right :o)ll
Angel! Posts: 1494
We're having a Daimler Limousine. Ivory and black, 1978. From Mum and BMs going in it from Mum's house to church. Then it's coming back for me and Dad. Then me and new hubbie in it down to hotel. Have organised 25 seater bus for overseas guests to get from church to hotel and back again the next day... If anyone is looking for very reasonably priced coach for 25 people or so, try :wv
missc Posts: 875
We got the 1950s Rolls Royce from Cassidy Chauffeurs. we will just do up some family cars with ribbon for rest of bridal party
Mrshappy Posts: 138
we got an 1978 rolls royce,and limo for bridal party.then a bus for guests outside the church :xox
Daddys Girl Posts: 267
Iv booked a beauford for my wedding, its a really old vintage car!!! I like it!! I originally wantd a whtie car but I couldnt find 1 I liked in my area!!