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ohholymoley Posts: 2150
A very stupid question but what is the isofix, I know it's a standard regulation for anchoring car seats? My car is a 01 polo..4 I need to change my car for a car seat, or what's the story!! Sorry for such a silly question but a bit confused!!!
irregular choice Posts: 8
ok don't quote me on this, but when my car has isofix and my mummy friends were all very excited about it. You can see the two clips between the seat and back and app the baby seat just clicks in and can be moved from car to car easily. again I'm a total newbie so there may be a ton more pros and cons to it so many things for us to learn about :eek
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Ok irregular choice, that sounds familiar as i vaguely remember my friend saying she was changing her car, but I don't know if it was for this reason!! I don't think my car has it,but do you have to have a car that has it? !!
Poppyseed Posts: 513
Hi irregular choice, If your car doesn't have isofix you can just strap in the car seat using the seat belt. I'm sure they will advise you when your buying your travel system. From what I've read there is little difference safety-wise between isofix & seat belt. I think the only difference is that the isofix is more convenient as the car seat just clips into the isofix base. Most travel systems are sold as a package so it will include the maxi cosi & the base. Does your partners car have isofix? If so, you could just fix the base into his car and use the seat belt in your car. Hope this helps :wv
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Hi poppyseed!! Thank you so much for the's all very confusing. I am sure hubbies car has isofix , your info has been very helpful!! Thanks so much!!! Haven't even looked at travel systems ....probably a bit too early, but wouldn't mind having a little nosy all the same!!!
Poppyseed Posts: 513
You are more than welcome! We were out looking at travel systems today! I know! I'm cracked!!!!! I just like to do lots of research so that I'm 1000% informed before making my decision! you should have seen us sneaking around in case anyone spotted us! :o0
Onyx Posts: 45
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Ah poppyseed, no harm at all in doing a bit of 'research' ...see anything ye like? Its good to be organised!!! Onyx...that's great to know, my car is probably due an upgrade but being honest, I really only drive locally so the mileage is quite low and the car is in great condition just so new to all this, have a thousand thoughts going through my head!!!!! X
Poppyseed Posts: 513
I saw loads I like! That's my problem!! Can't makep up my mind!!! :o0
elpi Posts: 748
There is a base you can get that's secured using the seatbelt, it's Maxi Cosi, think it's called Easybase. No need at all to change your car, we have the above base and its perfect.