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Mrs W Posts: 2923
[quote="Onyx":2xp0w9bp]My friend got isofix bars but into her car for approx €40. A lot cheaper than changing car if you want to fix car seat that way. We happened to have the isofix in car, its v handy & less fiddly imo!! We didnt have a clue what lady in shop was talkin bout when she mentioned it-we were like two lost puppies in this new world of baby stuff![/quote:2xp0w9bp] You used to be able to buy kits in halfords for isofix if your car didn't have it but apparently you can't anymore because you're not covered by insurance if you make alterations to your car that aren't declared? A man was having that conversation last day we were in the baby shop! I think it's all cars after 06 have it but some makes have it before that, I have a 04 corolla and I have it. My brother has a 03 golf and he has it. My mums car has it too and it says it on the labels on the seatbelts in the back. Put your hand down the back of the seat and see if you can feel the bar and 2 square brackets
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Thank you Elpi and Mrs W for the info!!! Hopefully shouldn't have to change my car, as there really is nothing wrong with it. Elpi,as you said your system works just perfect !!
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Poppyseed, you sound just like me, and if my passion for fashion is anything to go by...I think my new fixation will be all things baby!!
Delphinium Posts: 3027
If your car doesn't have isofix you can put the easyfix base for the maxi Cosi cabriofix in using the seatbelt. If you are moving the car seat to another car you have to use the base and the seat. You can't use the seat on it's own. A lot of travel system packages like quinny and bugaboo will include the easyfix base and cabriofix seat. Safety wise, seatbelt fixed or isofix are the same. But the difference is that you are more likely to fit the car seat in the car correctly and safely with isofix. Plus it's a lot quicker and handier!
elpi Posts: 748
Delphinium, you can use the Cabriofix with just the seatbelt, you don't need the base.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Ok.. Wasn't aware of that Elpi. Personally I'd still prefer to use the base for convenience though. It was so handy being able to pop DS out of the car and onto the buggy base and back again especially on a wet day.
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
I'm not generally on this part of the site but just saw the title. You should be able to use all stage 0 (baby) car seats on their own with a seat belt. A lot of car seats come with a base that fixes to the car which means you don't have to continually be putting the seat belt on and off. Generally there is a handle which releases the car seat. Even if the bases are isofix they are also generally secured with the seat belt - the iso fix in itself is not enough to hold the base. The maxi cosi isofix base is attached in the same way as the easybase except there are the extra isofix "arms" so to speak (I have both of them one for my car and one for my mums). You can use a non isofix base in a car with isofix but not the other way around ie you can't use an isofix base in a car which doesn't have it. All the bases will have been fully safety tested and as long as they are installed properly they should be 100% safe.
daisy2012 Posts: 619
Just wnated to say to the OP that there is no harm starting your research into all this good and early, as by the time you have made up your mind about travel sysytems, buggys and car seats you will have figured out all the info!!! My OH thought I was mad when I wanted to start looking once I was 12 weeks - but we have only really now figured out all the info to help make an informed chioce re the car seat - none of the baby shops we went to explained that we had the option ofs ecuring the base (rather than the whole car seat) we thought we had to get the isofix fitted. Now we were only figuring it all out as we went along so maybe we didnt ask all the right questions! We dont have isofix, but are going to get the easy base which you secure with the seatbelt, and then you can pop the maxi cosi in and out easily. But thats take 2 months to work out!!!!! Happy researching!!!!
Onyx Posts: 45
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
I said the bases - not the seats. The stage 0 bases generally are - and definately the maxi cosi is.