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GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Do you prefer to give a present or cash? I hope the poll includes options most scenarios.
ShutterBug Posts: 1056
We normally only give cash for weddings and 21st's. For everything else its vouchers and presents.
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
i would always prefer to give a present, in some cases, like my teenage nieces, id ask them do they want a pressie or cash, and they would prefer the cash, as they might be saving for something in particular, One of my sisters loves presents and would kill you if you gave her cash :o0 she just loves opening gifts, you cudnt even get her a voucher. The other sister loves vouchers then. :o0 I love a bit of both myself, but its always nicer to get a present :wv for weddings its always cash tho, unless we are going to an evening reception, then it would be a gift
minkel Posts: 270
I only ever give cash as a wedding present. I would occasionally give a voucher to my sisters for a birthday if that is what they wanted or I would give a voucher to a friend to thank them for helping out in some way. Other than that it is always a gift and I would spend a lot of time in thinking about what to get someone.
lux Posts: 6270
Cash for weddings, just make life easier. Even if there is a list we give cash, its just our thing. For birthdays, me, mum and sister give beauty vouchers as we :lvs a pamper session, for Krist Kindle we usually say what we'd like, last year I needed a hairdryer so I got that.
SaraD08 Posts: 1795
Cash for weddings and milestone birthdays... otheriwse a gift... always give the "gift receipt" too so if the person doesnt like the present they can return it *)
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
For me it depends on a few things. Like if it's for my nieces and nephews I always get gifts. The eldest is making her communion next year so I will give money aswell as a gift. Weddings I usually give cash but if I'm not going to the wedding I'd give a token. I never give cash to friends on their birthdays, I prefer to give gifts with thought into them. I really only give cash to acquaintances or cousins I'm not close to. It's usually just a token amount, like for a 30th it would €30 in a card.
Twirl Posts: 5598
We always give cash for a wedding, afters or full day, its what the couples want. Other things like birthdays i would give gifts and vouchers however i would give cash to my brother as hes young and only starting out and at least then he can do what he likes with it. We have no newphews or neices but for my friends child i always ask my friend what to buy her, she usually says nothing but as shes getting a little older now i get her vouchers or a present. I love getting presents sure who doesn't but its a big no-no for weddings, 21st's and 30th's. However as i age i may change my mind, i also have a few sets of glasses to get rid of too :o0
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Cash for weddings unless on rare occassion where I have happened upon a gift I know a couple will really like and appreciate. Have only gone this route 3 times so far though. Most of our friends getting married have built or bought houses with a few years so they're already well decked out from that point of view. For all other occassions, it's a gift.