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Midgie Posts: 19
Hi Girls, I'm having trouble finding someone to do hair & makeup on the morning of the wedding (Oct bride). Our reception is in Castle Durrow but I'm not staying there the night before as my parents only live about half an hour away. Anyway, my question is whether any of you can recommend a hair & makeup team that are around the Tipp/Kilkenny/Laois area that will travel to the house on the morning of the wedding and not charge me a fortune - I've been quoted EUR800! I've asked the girls in the Powder box in Castle Durrow but they don't leave the hotel, they will only go up to your room if you're staying the night before - I could go there that morning but don't want to run into my fiance or his family as they'll all be there the night before... Thanks
MissTaken Posts: 10
PM'd ya Midgie. Hope it helps!
Midgie Posts: 19
Thanks a mil MissTaken. I'll definitely check that out
SparkleX Posts: 1057
Hi Midgie I'm a Castle Durrow bride also. I'm gonna stay in the hotel the night before but after searching around a good bit I think I got a fairly good deal for hair and make up to travel down. Will send you on the details....
hellsbells10 Posts: 165
Hi, I know of a girl who does wedding and occasions hair and she has done lots of weddings in Castle Durrow. She travels to the hotel to you. PM me if you would like her contact details.
kilkenny09bride Posts: 402
Try the Powder Rooms Girls, they do both Hair and Makeup or Glamour by Dawn she does Makeup. I have Sandra from the Powder Room Girls doing my hair and Dawn doing my makeup on the morning of my wedding in the house and I only live 10 mins from Durrow. Together they will cost about €700 for 5 people. If you need contact details let me know.
Lucy L Posts: 3
Can someone PM me the details too please??
justcantdecide Posts: 27
Hi all, Sorry for butting in on this thread... just trying to find a recent Castle Durrow topic with other brides to be... Was just wondering, has anyone had any luck negotiating the price per head with CD...? Would they be willing to maybe not offer 2 drinks per person on arrival (maybe just 1 instead), no sorbet with meal, no toast drink and no choc favours...? Would love to get the price closer to 100, but dont know if they'd be willing to take certain elements out of the full package... Thanks in advance for any advice :) Posts: 71
Hi You could try Lush in Portlaoise, I know they do Make-up there. Could be an option. [url:1n899z4w][/url:1n899z4w] There is also another girl who has a place in Abbeyleix, 5 mins away & she used to work at The Powder Room, so am sure she will do Bridal Make-up. If you want to now the Salon name let me know I am sure I can find it out, as i'm alway passing Hope this helps
Midgie Posts: 19
Hi Kbar11, Its always worth asking but I tried to negotiate on the room prices for people staying (I'm getting married on a Mon) but there was no movement. I thought there might have been seeing as its mid week (during a recession) and they probably wouldn't fill all the rooms anyway, but no joy! I think they sell it as a package, take it or leave it