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nikbic Posts: 344
Hi everyone trying to make my mind up on wedding venues... is castle leslie really expensive??? im having 60-100 people.. anybody get married there recently if so how much am i looking at???
scotswedding Posts: 2829
AFAIK you have to pay an exclusivity fee on top of the food & wine cost and think all the rooms will have to be occupied by your guests too. Is a pretty wonderful place though..
mojo verte Posts: 72
Hi We are having our reception there in the Hunting Lodge not the Castle itself. Its old victorian house, caters upto 68 guests only. Nicely priced think most expensive meal go for is 65 per person and cheapest is 50. 300 euro for room hire and you have to hire 7 rooms above function room which are 150 per room, but sure your guests will fill those. Canapes and wine not too expensive but not cheap. I am happy with it. Not sure about Castle never been in that part!! Let me know how you get on!! *)
nikbic Posts: 344
ok thats not to bad of a price for the hunting lodge. i take it mojo verte u have less than 70 coming to ur wedding.... if ya dont mind me asking what music you having???? as im worried about what to pick for a small crowd..
mojo verte Posts: 72
Hey Havent organised that really, i am very laid back at moment bit too laid back , wedding is 6 months away. The wedding co ordinator gave me names of two piece band that are meant to be good, but lost that and have to organise seeing them in action! Our friend is an amazing DJ so definitely getting him after the band Or might just stick with DJ only. Only having 60 maybe 68 guests very informal wedding. Its reasonably priced and beautiful surroundings. Found her a bit difficult to bargain with. Shes nice but she didnt really budge at all. Maybe cos i waited after i put deposit down (i know, stupid mistake) and it was before recession kicked in. There rooms used to be 115 per person sharing they have now changed that to 150 per room which will be greatly welcomed the guests. I think my menu went down by 3 euro per person which was nice suprise.
shersmay10 Posts: 319
Hiya Think its 8K to get ur foot in the door of the castle itself b4 u even begin. Its absolutely fantastic can totally see why paul mccartney got married there. You have exclusive access to all the gardens and theres a huge lake hiding behind the castle. We got engaged in the drawing room of the castle (H2B went to school with a girl who works for the estate so she pulled a few strings and got him and me in) so if i could afford it i would book it. Theres even one of the those huge banquet rooms with the very very very long table. Just fantastic. The hunting lodge is gorg also
joker Posts: 2789
as far as i know... its very expensive to have a wedding there, ground are amazing... slane castle ,,, i priced it when we first got engaged and i cant remember exactly how much it was...but i do remember thinking, it was not as expensive as i thought it would be! we went with darver in the end... h2b had issue with getting married in a place owned by an english landlord!!! best of luck finding your venue *)
nikbic Posts: 344
hia every 2010 yea just waiting for prices back. if ya dont mind me asking how much is darver castle working out at???? i am having about 60-100 at wedding
TinyK Posts: 67
Nicbic, I'm geeting married in Darver castle if you want to PM any queries? :wv