Castlebar or Sligo, private or public?

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Momma2b Posts: 281
Hi ladies, I am very new to all of this and a bit in shock to be honest :-8 I am going to my gp tomorrow for a first appointment and to confirm the pregnancy. I am wondering how soon I will have to decide on hospitals and whether to go public or private. I think I will have a choice between mayo and sligo. Could anyone give me any advice on which to go with? and whether it is worth paying to go private at either of them? What are the chances of actually getting a private room if you go private? have heard of people not getting them due to availablity... Thanks a mil!
keyra Posts: 801
Hi Momma2b, My sis and SIL have 6 babies between them and had all of them in Sligo but Im going public in Castlebar as it closer to my house. I have found it excellent but they dont do a 20 weeks scan in Castlebar and they do in Sligo, also i have never been weighed in the hospital in castlebar which was lovely, pregnancy is a worrying time without being told off for being a few lbs overweight, although my doc weighs me at every appointment. I never had to wait any longer than than an hour in castlebar at my antenatal appointment, but last 2 times was only waiting 10-15 minutes. Really both hospitals are very good, have heard no bad reports from either, it just depends on which suits you better (parking at Sligo is terrible!) As for the public V privat debate, there are loads of old posts on here discussing it but personally i couldnt justify the expense of going private when as you rightly say, you are not guaranteed a private room, if they are all occupied then you will be put on a public ward same as everyone else. Anyway, Congratulations and best of luck with your pregnancy, hope its a nice easy 8 months ahead for you.
Arabella. Posts: 47
Hi Had my DS in Sligo General 3 months ago (public). Was tempted to go private but really couldn't justify the expense. Ended up with quite a traumatic birth (26 hour labour, then emergency c section) and really couldn't fault them. What made my decision for me was that if there are any problems at the birth the on duty consultant is called anyway. I ended up with Dr Langan who I was going to go private for. The only thing I found annoying with going public was sometimes having to wait ages at the hospital appointments- learnt that if you turn up at first thing in the morning (regardless what time your appt is) that's the quickest way to be seen and get out. can get really busy after 10am! I thought sharing a ward would really bother me but in the end actually quite enjoyed having other new mums around. I had to be induced and then had a section so was in for a week and I think I would have been bored silly in a private room. There was always something going on to keep me amused! Best of luck with your pregnancy.
scobette Posts: 1010
Private Care really isn't just about whether you get a Private Room or not, I'm going Private in Castlebar and the room isn't really a factor for me what's important to me is that I am seen by the same Consultant throughout out my pregnancy not interns or Medical Students in clinics. I am scanned at EVERY appointment and have schedueled appointments that are suitable to me. I also have midwife appointments with the practice midwife and feel when I do have a query I can just ring her and she knows me at this stage I'm not just a statistic. Also when I had to go to the Hospital last week when I was having Contractions at 30 weeks my consultant was paged straight away and I was seen by him and not examined by 3 different midwives before they called a consultant anyway. Yes I would love a Private Room when I do have my baby but I choose to go Private for my care because I wanted continuity with the same consultant. HTH just think of the bigger picture.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I went public to Castlebar twice, and cannot fault the care I got. I had complications on both pregnancies and I got great care. I have never been seen by a medical student. There have been some ther but they were there to learn and were just a side-kick to a consultant. Any concerns were promptly addressed I was always asked if I had any concerns or worries. I had plenty of scans, they gave a mini-scan at regular ante-natal appts, and when I had complications they did a[u:2t3we1pl] detailed [/u:2t3we1pl]scan every week. I was delivered by midwives and they were absolutely superb. I absolutely disagree that going privately gives you a superior level of care.
crazylady10 Posts: 539
Hi! Just to let ya know, im attending sligo general at the minute i chose to go public, couldnt justify spending all that money just to see a consultant that may not be working or around when i have my baby. its the midwives that are with you all the way through labour and if your consultant is off work or on holidays then you have to see whoever is on her team whether private or public, so why pay the extra. As for waiting times, i havent had a problem, I was there today and my appointment was at nine, i was late and still was gone for half 9. I had to go to the labour ward aswell 2 weeks ago as i was pains, only seen one midwife, and a senior doctor, had no problems, they were lovely and just as attentive. All my family gave birth in sligo general public and they dont regret it. I was gonna go private but then gp told me not to bother and explained why so thats why i chose public. would rather spend that money on the babs instead or taking unpaid leave after mat leave finishes.
Momma2b Posts: 281
Thanks ladies for the feedback, really helpful. I think I will probably go with castelbar because its nearer and both hospitals seem to be very good. As for the public/private side of thing I'm still undecided but maybe leaning towards public. I know that vhi pay €400 towards consultant fees if you go private but can anyone tell me what the full consultant fees are in Castlebar and what you would end up paying yourself? If i did choose private it would probably be Dr. bartels. I've seen figures mentioned of €2,000 to €5,000 for going private- eek! Thanks!
scobette Posts: 1010
Just pm'ed you with the info
maybebebe Posts: 168
Congrats!! :o)ll I'm in the same boat, dont know whether to go to Castlebar or Sligo. Have heard some horror stories about Castlebar but I'm sure there are some from every hospital!