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Weddings9 Posts: 122
Is anyone bringing their own wine to the Castlecourt or are you buying theirs?
mayololly Posts: 41
my brother got married there beginning of July. They bought their own wine (same as the house wine in Castlecourt) and saved a total of €800 off the wine bill so its worth looking into. They also got the wine in dunnes at the 25% back rate on the club card so will save even more!
Weddings9 Posts: 122
Hi there, Many thanks for getting back to me. Do you know how much wine they brought and how many people they had? That is a really good saving and any saving at all is a bonus! I am from London so I am not familar with the clubcard 25% back. How does that work? Many thanks once again.
mayololly Posts: 41
they bought 200 bottles but had way too much as they'd 300 for the meal. prob should have gone with 120 - 140 bottles for that amount of people! the clubcard in dunnes is like a loyalty card, you get back dunnes vouchers to spend in the store, depending on how much you've spent over each month/quarter. the 25% back is an extra bonus that they offer sometimes. hope this helps!
Weddings9 Posts: 122
Thanks so much for your help. We are definitely going to look in Dunnes and I have told my Mum and Dad to get a loyalty card for themselves so it would be good for them to get the 25% back. Thanks again!
Tere Posts: 14
Hi there Just wondering how much you paid corkage when you brought your own wine? Did it work out well for you? Thinking of doing the same, saves the pennys! Appreciate your thoughts Tere
SuziQ Posts: 428
Something another wollie suggested to me was asking the hotel what deal they could do you to include a glass of wine for each guest during dinner in the overall package therefore there is no corkage and no wasted bottles....
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
I would definitely bring my own wine to the Castlecourt.