Castlecourt Vs Knockranny???

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Leogirl1983 Posts: 200
Hi All really need some help with mine and m H2B decisions on venue. we are getting married in June 2013 in Mayo and were looking at venues at the weekend. looked at castlecourt in westport and knockranny and also mulranny hotel. Mulranny is out as the function room seems a bit cramped for our numbers (well over 300). I know :( massive. dont know how the numbers got that big! we are stuck between the castlecourt and knockranny. we prefer the function room in the castlecourt and the overall feel of the hotel. we met with the owner and she was extremely warm and helpful. Loved knockrany too but for different reasons - the setting is beautiful and the rooms are fab. but we are not too gone on the overall decor of the bar, function area etc. not too keen on the fact there are no windows in the function room especially given the fact ours will be a summer wedding. re the castlecourt :i have heard that some guests may leave the reception if it is in the castlecourt but ours wont be a local wedding - well my family is originally from mayo but a lot will be travelling from donegal/dublin as well as mayo. Also the setting is not great although we could get over this as we have decided to to get married in ballintubber abbey. bit more expensive to get married than the original church we planned. we visited it on the spur of the moment on friday and fell in love with it so the setting is fab for photos etc. sorry for the long post but we are very confused :) Have many of you had experience of these hotels? i know the food is good in both so we are really having a tough time deciding and we need to decide in the coming couple of weeks in order to confirm the booking for the church. Thanks:)
T Lady Posts: 43
Hi, I'm from Mayo and have been to weddings in both hotels. Personally I prefer Knockranny, the setting and arrival is so much nicer than the Castlecourt. Also, yes the fact that the Castlecourt is in town can cause a problem with people nipping off to pubs. Even though your guests aren't local you may still loose afew of them while they're waiting to be called for dinner. You don't have this problem in Knockranny, your guests will go straight there after Ballintubber and stay put for the eve. By the way, Ballintubber is so fab, I can see why you fell in love with it. I personally don't see no windows in the function room as being a problem, it creates more ambience if your using candles. Also the views from Castlecourt aren't great either. Saying all that, all the weddings I've been to in both hotels have been fabulous, great food in both so it is a totally personal choice. I know what you mean about getting a good vibe from the owner. I'm getting married in Castle Dargan in Sligo next summer, we also checked lots of hotels but got such a good feeling and welcome in Castle Dargan that we went with it. Also examine the packages both hotels are offering, your numbers are so big, you should really be able to negogiate good deals. Good luck with your decision, I'm stuck on the band at the moment O:| O-O
DragonBoat Posts: 1
Hi; Just got engaged and will be planning to get married in Westport next year if dates available. Before we go visit both hotels has anyone any suggestions or feedback with regards to both hotels? We have not been to either hotel before so any information we have before we go will help us get all the questions we need ready to ask.