Castlemartyr brides Christmas 2010

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Klutz10 Posts: 19
Hi I was talking to Sian and hear that the hotel has weddings on the 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th of December 2010. As I'm one of those dates I was wondering if anyone else on here is - to perhaps share ideas etc :o)ll
richmond10 Posts: 8
just wondering if there are any castlemartyr brides out there and if anyone is getting any special deals with them?? I spoke to them myself a few months back but due to unfortuate circumstances we had to put the wedding planning on hold :o( :o( . I am now back on the market looking for a venue and fingers crossed prices may have come down a little. From what i remember a few months agao they were that willing to negotiate on the prices
leon costello Posts: 77
Hi, A clip from a Wedding in the UCC Honan and Castle Martyr at Christmas. Regards Leon
richmond10 Posts: 8
thank you so much leon for that video, Castlemartyr does look amazing