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bowledover Posts: 20
Hello, I was hoping that someone might have a contact number or details for the parish priest in Castlemartyr? I live in England and we're visiting Castlemartyr next weekend as a possible venue and it would be great to also see the local churches/priests if possible. Would really appreciate any help - am starting to find it tricky organising stuff from over here! Thanks a mil bowledover
Blitzen15 Posts: 88
Hi, Is it Catholic or Protestant you're looking for? Imogeela Parish Address : Castlemartyr, Co Cork Phone : 021-4667133 Web Address : Email : Key contact : Fr John Cogan. P.P. Mass Times : Castlemartyr. Mon, Tue, Wed 10am, Sat 7pm, Sun 11am, Dungourney. Sat 8pm, Sun 11am, Mogeely. Thur, Fri Sat 10am, Sun 9.45am, Clomult. Sun 11am Sat 10am, more Found that on internet. Think it's the Catholic details. The protestant church is: We're getting married there in March, also trying to organize from England, not the easiest! We're having a civil ceremony in the hotel as H2B is divorced so I'm afraid I don't know any more than the above Hope that helps. God luck!
bowledover Posts: 20
Thanks v much it is a catholic wedding, I tried that one but on my phone it says number out of use, ah well I can always have a wander down there. What do you think of Castlemartyr? My parents stayed there and they love it, it's at their suggestion that we're going to see it. I really hope this one works out, the previous two venue hunting trips weren't very productive, so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed this time, it would be such a huge weight of my shoulders to have the venue and the date sorted - we're hoping for Feb next year.
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
Hi, I live near Castlemartyr and many people getting married in the area use Ballintotis Church. It's in the parish of Midleton but just 5minutes outside Castlemartyr & in a lovely location. Here's the link to the contact details if it's any good to you: Good luck :wv
littlemissmillie Posts: 10
Hi, we got married in Mogeely Church in May. Father Cogan is the parish priest for Castlemartyr and Mogeely. It's worth going to see both churches. Mogeely is only 6 minutes drive away. Father Cogan's number is 021 4667133 and mobile is 086 319 7964.
bowledover Posts: 20
thanks littlemisssmilie! I'll give Fr Cogan a call tomorrow. Congratulations as well. Thank you very much Blitzen15 and Caitf84 as well.
yvonjake22 Posts: 7
hi, I wil get marry on may 2012 and not sure which one church in mogeely church or ballintotis church is nicer? I think mogeely church look nice with garden?? please give me a tip cos i need book a church soon. i would be grateful for your help :)
the bees knees Posts: 755
Hi ladies just wanted to say that all 3 churches ie castlemartyr Ballintotis and mogeely churches are beautiful...... Have been in all 3 and have to say they are lovely ... i especially like Ballintotis church as it is set by the Lake perfect for Photographs..... As the other poster said... ballintotis church is in Midleton parish and castlemartyr and Mogeely are one parish i think Anyhow my point is that they wold all be fantasic whichever you choose!!!!! best of luck xxxxx
Mrs2bjuly Posts: 1
Mogeely is beautiful! And only 2mins from Catlemartyr (1.5miles)