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mlouise Posts: 4
Hi just wondering if any other brides are looking at Castlemartyr for 2011?
decisionsdecisions Posts: 7
Hi Castlemartyr is beautiful, however my parents think it is unfair to ask guests to stay there as it is expensive and alot of people are less well off now due to the recession. There are B and Bs locally and the lodges are good value for people who want to make a weekend of it. I really want to have our reception there, think my parents will need a lot more convincing (we are paying ourselves and I know I shouldn't listen to them but they do have a point I suppose....)
cantwait2bmrs2011 Posts: 215
I live near Castlemartyr and the hotel is absolutely stunning. We were considering it but with families living opposite ends of the country we decided we would go half way. There are pleny of b and bs and you have the Garryvoe hotel nearby all a nice bit cheaper than castlemartyr resort. I have been to a wedding there and have worked with brides who have had their weddings there and in a nutshell you really get what you pay for. Elegance, class and a 5 star experience.
Klutz10 Posts: 19
Hi there, I'm getting married in Castlemartyr in Dec 2010. I think the venue is fab but disppointing that it lacks a real relaxed informal bar.
Blitzen15 Posts: 88
Hi, We're getting married there in March - the golf club is a more relaxed setting (I think) and cheaper too! We've been really well looked after so far.
Klutz10 Posts: 19
Hi Blitzen, Congrats. In what way have you been really well looked after out of curiosity? The staff there are great but It's a shame they don't do little things like give courtesy rooms for parents or room on night of tasting etc like so many other hotels - particularly given how much we are paying them. Not that we really pushed on any of that kind of stuff really as Sian made it very clear that certain things were not up for negotiation. I do love the hotel so by no means am being negative, I just feel the hotel could do with making the bride and groom feel that bit more special and excited rather that it being like a business transaction - which I suppose it is. Ignore me - just rambling :duh:
nix1 Posts: 374
drove in there before and thought it looked lovely so when we got engaged we contacted them but they took ages to come to us that we had already booked a venue. I have heard the same from another bride who is actually having her reception there that she didn't feel like they were making a bit more important, just like Klutz said, but she fell in love with the place and no where else even compared to it for her.
limerick10 Posts: 18
i am looking at booking Castlemartyr for Nov/Dec 2010, have any of you managed to get much of a discount on the meal/evening food/wine etc. I am going to visit them in the next few weeks and i am hoping to be able to negotiate on prices a bit. A friend of mine was at a wedding there in Dec and said the place was amazing and the steak was the best they have ever tasted. I have heard some fab reports from the place so fingers crossed. I do completely agree with other posters saying that they can be quite slow coming back and that the bar is a disappointment i can't see that it would be the place to have a sing song going late at night but then maybe that is a good thing. Although for the day after the wedding it would be nice to have a cosy bar that everyone could have a few drinks in and relax which i don't think that bar allows you to do.
Klutz10 Posts: 19
Hi Limerick10, You're right, Knights bar is more a place for afternoon tea than a sing song lol. But that's why they do your bar extension in the ballroom, so you have your sing song there. We are just going to go down to one of the pubs in the village the next day! We are getting married there in December and did manage to negotiate prices down a little on meal and canapes but that was it really. To be honest, it wasn't the most pleasurable experience but hopefully it will be worth it. Some of the other co-ordinators in other hotels were so friendly and making a fuss of me and trying to bend backwards to win the business that it really made it a hard decision, but in terms of class, setting etc this was still the place for me. Ps no budging them on Corkage which was a shame as we know people in the business so could have saved ourselves some money! Good luck x
limerick10 Posts: 18
Hi Klutz10 It is a fab setting tbh it was the first place i looked at and honestly no place else compares to it. I will hopefully be booking in the next few weeks as i already have my mind set on it. i will be heading to the village the next day also for drinks as it will be a bit more relaxed and a sandwich and soup won't cost €20!!! if you don't mind me asking around how much did they reduce the meal for you by, i totally got the impression from my first chat with them that they wouldn't be moving on pricing which is a pity. Also Decisionsdecisions i totally hear where you are coming from with regards to the room prices etc. My parents aren't too pleased about the fact that i am thinking of going with Castlemartyr but if you think about it a room in Garryvoe or any of the surrounding hotels in Youghal, Middleton or Dungarvan are about 120-140 so 180 isn't too huge a jump especially when you take into a/c the type of room and surroundings that you are getting. For people who are looking to stay a few days the lodges are amazing i swear my apartment is not where near as nice! and they are really well priced