Castor Oil to start labour - Yes or No?

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lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi girls, I am hearing some very different opinions on this so wondered what you all think? I am 6 days over right now and nothing is happening. I was walking 20 miles a week until the past 2 weeks but the pressure down below is too much now so can't walk as much now. Baby's head has been engaged for 5 weeks now and doc said the head is "waaaaaaay down" so no wonder the pressure is so much. However after 2 sweeps nothing has kicked off even though my cervix was soft and favourable. I tried DTD one night, no luck. I hate spicy food and just can't even look at it so would actually prefer something quick like a little castor oil mixed with OJ to see if that might help but am afraid to. I have heard great stories and awful stories. I found this online and it seems convincing enough to consider trying it? [i:3s6he07i]Castor Oil - Does it work? A study of 100 overdue women found that 57.7 per cent began active labour after a single dose of 60ml of castor oil, as opposed to 4.2 per cent who received no treatment. A review of this study reported no adverse affects on mother or baby but that all the women who took it felt nauseous. The study was not large enough to be conclusive. [/i:3s6he07i] What do you all think and those of you who had bad experiences did you take more than 60ml??? Thanks! :wv :wv
Idina Posts: 1289
NO! It's not good for you-you'll just end up with a dose of the runs. I'm one of those people who is of the opinion that "this worked for me" "that worked for me" is all rubbish. Nauture is what owrks in the end everything else is just conincidence! I know some people find it hard being over (I was over with DS but wan't bothered to be honest!) but think of it this way they'll only leave you another 4-5 days so whatever happens in a week you'll have your baby! :o)ll
Bundleofjoy Posts: 38
LFP - I agree with the last post. Wounldn't recomened drinking castor oil! All the strories i have heard about that have not been good! A friend of a friend drank to much and ended up on the toilet for the day and in a lot of pain! Ended up having the baby the following day but said never again. Id say let nature take its course and hopefully you wont have to wait much longer. :wv
Daff Posts: 11644
This is down as my last last resort! I've heard it's not good for you - but my Aunt is a midwife and slyly suggested it to me the other day. Did you read my post on the prune juice in FEB2010? Drank big glass of that before lunch and just lost some of my mucus plug - might be a gentler way of having the same effects of the castor oil!
lovingmarriedlife Posts: 324
DONT DO IT!!!!!!!! i could have written your post - 1 week over, going mad and tried EVERYTHING!! nothing works imo...when its time its time. but of all things to try - the castor oil (as well as being almost impossible to get) is SOOO disgusting hope the waiting is nearly over for u now.
sinion Posts: 6050
DON'T DO IT! I know way too many people personally who did it and spent the next 24 hours in agony on the toilet. Never mind whether it might start labour or not, your body really does not need that stress and strain. Imagine if you do go into labour but you've got awful stomach cramps and can't get off the toilet at the same time?? Not nice. I know being overdue is a nightmare, I went 12 days over. But I found the best thing that helped me was to have a talk with myself and realise that it was me putting all the pressure on myself to go into labour, I was causing myself so much grief by completely obsessing over it. If you assume that you'll be induced by day 14 then look at that day on the calendar and see how close that it, it's the longest you'll have to wait until and you may even go before then. So no matter what happens, you will have your baby by that date. It's so close! Finally, you baby is in the most wonderful, safe and glorious place right now, very soon he'll be out in the world so try thinking that these are his last few days in there and the last few days you have of the amazing connection you two alone share.
OAT Posts: 2207
Totally agree with all the other posters - Don't do it!!!! I actually did do it when I was over due on DS and it done nothing but make me very sick!! I was vomiting for hours and honestly it's the most awful thing I've ever tasted. To this day I can't even look at cooking oil without gagging as it brings back the awful memories. In the end DS wasn't born for another week anyway so I went through all that for nothing :duh: You've waited nine mths so whats another few days??? I know how uncomfortable your feeling and dying to meet your baby but just think, he/she obviously isn't ready to come out yet so please leave it to nature :action32 Hope your not waiting too much longer
CCAF Posts: 502
God dont do it, even thinking about it is making me feel ill. Had ante natal class the other day and midwife suggested nipple stimulation! Wont hurt to give it a try ..or a tweak :o0 Good Luck
lollyfp Posts: 2441
WOW, that's some consensus!!! Thanks girls. Think I'll skip it for sure. Instead I went and had acupuncture and shiatsu/acupressure today - who knows if it will help but it was really relaxing which was great! :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
mayday08 Posts: 704
I have heard this is a major NO NO