Cathedral Length Veil???

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londongirl Posts: 249
Hi Is anyone out there having a cathedral length veil??? If you have already got married I'd love to see a picture of a 'real' bride with the cathedral length and not just a model! xxxxx
siog_11 Posts: 207
Hi londongirl! :wv i am defo getting a long cathedral veil in spanish style (mantilla) with lace. It looks gorgeous!!! just thinking, should i take it off at the reception? and have a flower in my hair instead? I just love the veil!
londongirl Posts: 249
Hi I was thinking of putting a flower in my hair at the reception too, I think a cathedral length would annoy you and wouldn't be able to dance properly! xxx
willful Posts: 6822
Am having a one tier cathedral length-love it :lvs
lilyjune Posts: 470
I'm having a cathedral length veil too but will be taking it off for the reception. Would definitely do my head in even though I can't wait to wear it!
thumper Posts: 586
hi! im having cathedral length mantilla veil- the lady at the shop showed me how to bustle the veil!!!!!!!!!!! using a hat pin. i can't decide if i will keep it on or not though. i think i will do that though after the ceremony and then take the whole thing off after first dance.
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
When i was trying dresses on, i felt very self conscious with the veils and refused to try any more on. They kept sticking the veil at the back of my head and it looked naff. Then one shop encouraged me to put the full cathedral length veil on which sat on top of my head and it looked FAB!! I'm definately having one full length. So elegant!
siog_11 Posts: 207
the question:) Where are you getting your veils?? tried on in Anabel Rose and Sharon Hoey (lace mantilla). Anywhere else?
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
tried on my first veil at the weekend, didn't think I would have a veil at all but it really made the dress. it was just a plain cathedral lenght veil, with one of those combs and she just popped it in my hair and it was amazing!! I love the mantilla veils but she had none in the shop and the dress I'm going for is lace all over so it might be a bit much, the plain one looked so well with it so I will stick with that. I tried it on in Bride 2 Be in Dundalk, I think she said it would be €140 or thereabouts !
wowee Posts: 1596
I'm going for a two tier cathedral length veil also. Yes it'll be difficult to manage but it definitely has the wow factor. Bought mine in Pronuptia *)