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Chukles Posts: 672
Hi ya We have a cat which we adore to bits but do realise that he will have to be watched big time when baby arrives - this was very much proved to me today!! We have a strict ban on him not going upstairs but he still trys to sneak up when the opportunity arises and loves to find a door open and have a snooze on a bed Today i was on the phone and when i got off the phone could not find the cat so went upstairs to see if i could find him - the only door open was the one which we have the crib etc. stored in and there he was IN THE CRIB!! I nearly collapsed when i looked in and saw him looking back at me!! Of course when baby is here cat and baby will never be alone together but i am still worried I hear you can get mesh things to put over cots but i have never seen them - does anyone have the same problem or know where i can buy these mesh covers? :wv
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
not sure where you're based but I know tony kealys sell 'cat cot covers' hth
Chukles Posts: 672
Thanks very much based in Cork so can pop in there :wv
slinkyminx Posts: 650
I was only having this conversation with my mum earlier today! She got one for my sister in Mothercare for £4 (she's in UK).
Chukles Posts: 672
Thats cheap!
sunsparks Posts: 2196
Hey hun, I've got a cat too and she loves anything that she can 'get into' - boxes, bags (especially brown paper ones!), wardrobes, corners, etc. Just remember that when baby arrives, the crib will no longer be empty but will have a living breathing baby in it. My Mam and Dad had a cat when they first got me and he wouldn't go near my pram - they said he sniffed around but stayed well back, even though he'd normally be super curious about things. So really don't worry too much - your cat had no idea that the crib was any different to any other nice comfy hideyhole! In fact, he probably thought you'd been v kind in getting him a cosy new bed! In saying all of that, I too will be getting a cat net for when our bubs arrives but, like you, don't plan on leaving them long enough to get closely acquainted!
kittysue Posts: 1016
That's gas...I have 2 and I know one of them would probably jump in beside the baby for heat. YOu just have to be sooooo careful. We went away on Sat night.....double checked.....cats out..... but when we came back the next day.....there was madam sitting at the window looking out at us..waiting to be let out.....Thank GOd I had all the doors closed, so she must have been in a box or something in the hall....and an extra bonus.....she didn't dirty!!!!!........ They're sneaky little buggers....aren't they? Sure when I was a Father who is cat mad kept throwing the cat into my pram for a snooze....and lone first words were the cats name!!!!!!! Oh times have changed