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norzsept09 Posts: 165
:o( my cb and very best friend is going to australia in 5 weeks for ten monthe she will be back about eight weeks before the wedding, and while i have dresses etc sorted for them and i hope she has a ball, ive just realised how much im going to miss her cos she has been such a big help to me over the past few weeks, not only with the wedding but with my life in general. two out of my other 3 bm are brill too(dont get me started on no 4) but it wont be the same without cb. shes even planning my hen from oz, with the help of ireland based friends! i knew she was going since last year but it just feels like ten months is sooooooooo long, even though i know it will prob fly. just feeling a bit sorry for myself and dont want to upset her by telling her all this now, cos i know even though she wants to go shes going to be heartbroken for everyone shes leaving behind. thanks for reading!
bangel Posts: 2285
I know exactly how you feel (kind of) My cbm has been in Australia since February, and hasn't even seen my engagement ring yet! We got engaged in March. She will be back next february. I can't wait because I miss her like crazy. It will all fall into place for you though.
norzsept09 Posts: 165
i think its only now i realise how much ill miss her cos she has been there for me so much recently, and for my own selfish reasons i wish she wasnt going, or id love to go with her too.....but cant cos of kids h2b house etc and there is no way id leave em. if the flights werent so damn expensive we could visit them! O:|
bangel Posts: 2285
Don't worry, you'll get to talk to her and email her. believe it or not, the time does fly! In a way I was lucky because the wasn't there for me to miss, IYKWIM. I know it sounds weird but she hasn't been helping so I'm not missing any help. I'm quite liking doing it by myself at the moment, but miss the chance to talk things over because she's so far away. Then again I have ages left!
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
I know exactly how you feel. I have three bridesmaids. My CBM (sister) is in Australia and wont be back until the end of Jan (shes been there since Jan this year) and my second BM is living in London and is going to Oz in October and wont be back to London until the end of Feb. My third bm is my niece who will only be 16 in Jan. I'm getting married in June. I have had to do everything myself, I miss my sister so much :o( I went dress shopping with my mam - didnt want anyone else to see the dress apart from her and my sister. I think i missed her most when shopping for the dress. However my CBM suprised everyone and came home for a few weeks recently and my BM from London was also home so I brought the 2 of them into see the dress I've ordered - It made me feel more excited (especially when they got emotional when they seen the dress on!) Its the little things I miss, like talking about wedding stuff and getting their opinions. I have lots of other people I can ask like my best friend, but I feel bad asking her when shes not part of the wedding party. My bridesmaids wont even get to try their bm dresses on until we are getting their alterations done ! I'm counting down the months now though, and I keep them updated every time I book something.
Sheep Posts: 626
My cbm/best friend moved to Australia permanently a few weeks ago! At least you know yours is coming back! Don't worry you will miss her loads but the time will fly by and before you know it she'll be back. Besides we live in the age of e-mail now and international phone calls don't have to be expensive if you get one of those phone cards. There's no problems in keeping in touch. My best mate is never moving back! :o(
norzsept09 Posts: 165
i know ill be able to keep in touch but its not the same!! this girl calls to me at least two or three times a week and my kids love her, dont know how im going to explain to them where she is, they are 5 and almost 3, she was my neighbour at home so known her since we were able to see!! what is with oz and bridesmaids!! bangel i was like that at the start but now im at the stage where il take help from anywhere!! its tough to do everything on your own!! sheep i feel so sorry for you, i know i am kucky that she is coming home, is your bm ging to be back for long for your wedding?? frankensteins bride, you are worse than i am!! all your bm away is hard, when i picked mine i didnt think id rely on them so much, well 3 out of 4, the fourth is really getting on my wick, >:o( she doesnt like her dress think cos its not fancy enough, have a pic of it on another post, its very simple but its everything she didnt want it to be, what she didnt understand was she wud look great in a bin bag but one of my other bm, who is a size 20 was feeling VERY self concious over her weight and i wanted to get a dress to suit her and that she would be comfortable in because the others could wear anything.........this is now turning into a b%$£h about her.....well i guess its another thing off my chest!! thanks for the replies girls, :thnk at least other people understand how im feeling!! :wv
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
aaaah chick - i'm was in the same boat. My CB headed to Oz two weeks after we got engaged last September and I missed her something terrible. It was like my left arm was cut off. I found the first two months the worst and Xmas. But her e-mails and Bebo messages and late night chats kept me going ( and H2B mad cos I ran up huge phone bills :o0 :o0 ), but the good news is the year FLEW by and she is coming home in 4 weeks! I'm so excited I feel like bursting!! Honestly even though are sad now - try not to think about it too much and make the most of the time you have left with her before she heads off.
Sheep Posts: 626
Yeah my mate is back for my wedding to be my bridesmaid. I can't believe she's actually paying all that money to fly back for it but she said there's no way she would miss it! :xox The only slight hassle is getting bridesmaid dresses but she's managed to find a shop in Oz that has the dress we were thinking of. It shouldn't be too hard. I'll be doing most things on my own because my only other bridesmaid is 18! To be honest my best mate can still help anyway. She's been constantly sending me links and ideas since I got engaged and she was the one who found my dream dress (which I'm trying on next month) so it's not like being in another country means the person can't help.
bridetobe713 Posts: 73
Hi, I can completely relate. I have 4 BMs, one is local, one is in Australia but will be home in a couple of months, the other is in italy, and my other BM/best friend just found out she's moving to Asia permanently! I've been feeling really sad about her moving, which I know is very selfish, but this coming year will be so important to me and I won't see two of my BMs until about 3 days before the wedding! It's really getting me down, especially when I think about a hen night and other fun things in the lead up to the wedding that they will miss. It's comforting though to know there are other people in the same situation.