CD44 Please help - sick with worry

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Carly80 Posts: 49
Hi all Ok have a question for ye I have knots in my tummy with worry which I'm sure is not helping matters... Came off the pill in Aug after about 8 yrs got first AF on CD46 and since then they have varied between day CD32 to CD34 and I thought great we're getting married next month and want to TTC and it will be easy enough to chart but now they're all over the place this month i.e on CD44 and no sign. Yesterday felt like I was going to get them but nope! and I'm worried Im not ovulating etc. Started taking agnus casus last wk hoping that helps. Did preg test early last week as we're not being particularily careful and BFN. Any had the same experience? Or can offer advise?
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Carly80, I couldn't log in fast enough to reply to you as I am the same as you so dn't worry. I came off the pill in Sep 06 after being on it 8 years too. My periods were extremely irregular before I ever went on the Pill. I have had a period each month but my cycles have been varying in length. Last month it was 34 days, I'm on day 39 now and still no sign of it. I am taking agnus castus too. I started off on the tablets but a lady on this forum mentioned taking the tincture form. I asked in the health food shop and they said that this form gets absorbed quicker and it faster acting so I got that. I would say that you periods are just varying in length and this month's will be longer than last month. Also you don't ovulate each month. I am charting my temp and using OPK. Last month, my temp shifted indicating I ovulated. I did not have test kits at that stage so I could not confirm this. This month I have the OPK's but I have not gotten a + and my temp has not shifted at all. So I think I am having an ovulatory cycle. I am just waiting for my period to arrive.
Carly80 Posts: 49
Thanks WedJuly05 Good to know I'm not the only one! It's just so frustrating isn't it.... Going to start taking my temperature too think i'll wait til i eventually get my AF which is hopefully sooner then later to start that. Heading over to the shops now to see if they have agnus castus in tincture form. Thanks a mill hope you AF comes soon too!! :thnk
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
No probs Carly80. It is very frustrating. I thought about 2 weeks ago I saw a faint line on one of the OPK. So we went hell for leather with the BD!! I don't think I was ovulating though as I was basing my guess on my last cycle and sure this one is completely different time-wise. It's very difficult to time sex right as I am guessing half of the time. I find temp charting a help though. I got cheapie ovulation kits from the internet, they might work fine but I got sick of interpreting the line so I bought the more expensive Clearblue digital tests. I ordered a load over the internet. Took me 5 tests to actually get a result though. Kept getting an erroer message! That was a bad week. Don't worry, we will get there eventually! I think I am getting my period though as I sit here with terrible stomach cramps and I am feckin' roasting!! I just want my period to arrive, roll on next month of TTC!!! Let me know how you get on.
ros Posts: 749
Hi There Carly and girls, I came off the pill the month that we got married, in May, and my cycles did not really return to normal for about 5 months. They were long, varying from 30 to 38 days, and some were anovulatory. I charted after a few months to try and figure out what was going on. My first "normal" cycle, where I ovulated at day 16 (instead of previous day 26/27/28), I fell pregnant!!! So, please, don't worry, it's completely normal for your cycle to be haywire for a while, but it does settle itself and can take up to a year. I would advise you to enjoy your wedding and when your cycle returns to normal you can start TTC in earnest!!! In the meantime, try vitamin B6 and BComplex to help hormone balance. Best of luck and have a fantabulous wedding day!!!