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Pink Shoe Posts: 2300
Anyone see it last night????????? Demi Moore is the only one the looks the best out of the lot of them...
mama sugar Posts: 1387
no pink shoe saw it advertised and said I must watch that but tiredness took over and I forgot! :duh: demi looks fab would love to look like her she doesn't look plastic at all and wouldn't half mind that hunk of hers x
BirthdayBrideMarch Posts: 503
state of Mickey Rourke! Could you believe that Cher is 60!
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
[quote:pld7ri4i]Could you believe that Cher is 60[/quote:pld7ri4i] I know! I always thought she looked amazing.....in a facemask sort of way. ;o)
BirthdayBrideMarch Posts: 503
Melanie Griffith wasn't too crash hot was she? That 'Antonio' tattoo she has on her arm is horrible..
Pink Shoe Posts: 2300
i could not get over mickey rourke, he should not have done anything to himeself, he was gourgeous... melanie griffith, she should not get anymore done i think she has had enough couldnt belive that cher was 60 she looks good but in a strange way, as silvestor salone's mother said what about the body when she takes of her clothes.. poor michael jackson too he should not have touched himself he looked way better black
BirthdayBrideMarch Posts: 503
shocking when they were comparing the old pic of Michael Jackson and then showing his face up close now!! No one to say 'no more surgery' to him. Money talks. State of Jackie Stallone! The horrors!!!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I saw some of the end of it. Mickey Rourke & Tom Jones were the worst....whatever about a woman looking horrid men are just ridiculous after so much botox and facelifts. Cher looks stunning for 60 but seeing her when she was younger what a complete change... I was in fits when Mrs.Stallone was talking about Cher saying how awful she looks :eek she can't even talk properly.... Sylvester will be like a wax model when Rocky 6 comes out :hyper:
Pink Shoe Posts: 2300
Mrs Stallone, what is she like ...yeh her speach is mad and those big lips what did you think of Sharon Osbourne, i did'nt know that she was 16 stone before she looks really great now
BirthdayBrideMarch Posts: 503
I love the Rocky movies though! I have the dvd box set.. I'm a pure child of the 80's!. As for Sharon Osbourne, she looks fantastic but if we all that that money for specialist chef's, personal trainers and the like we would all look fantastic too!!