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Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
oh god am in such a state of hungoverness today i can't even look at the 20 million files on my desk that i did nothing with yesterday!! went for dinner in Wongs in Ranelagh, never been there before, was absolutley gorgeuos but the price!! wow! thank god i wasn't paying for it :wink: so have thus far had half a baguette with 2 sausages and ketchup (there goes half my points for today - i'm forggeting the 20 i drank last night argh!) i can't even remember why i started writing this now, deary me concentration not so good this morning! i know, let's exchange hangover cures! one of them is bound to work for me :P
Twinkle Posts: 174
I'm feeling really crap as well - we went out last night to drop in the food selection at the restaurant that we're going to for our friends birthday tonight and ended up getting plastered at the bar. One of the women we were talking to is in the process of her 5th divorce and was there with her boyfriend :) she was totally hilarious. Can't remember leaving so I hope I wasn't too bad as we're going back there tonight. Don't think there is any cure - i'm dying. :cry:
Mrs Gypsy Posts: 260
I usually don't drink during the week unless there is some particular reason or occassion but I look at Thursday as part of the weekend really!!! Although I am sensible with how much I drink. And even if I am not going out myself and hubby often crack open a bottle of wine and relax at home. Think though I am getting too old for the big night and little sleep scenario I used to be able for on Thursday nights during my student day!!! As for hangover cures greasy food constantly all day........nothing beats it, loads of OJ and some paracetamol.
The Bride Posts: 686
I am feeling hungover too but I have a good excuse! I finished my course yesterday and I am off for revision today! YAY! (Ha.. revision.. more like sleeping, eating ice-cream and messing about on internet) There is no way I would have drank so much if i had to go to work. Any alcohol automatically makes me sleep until midday. Poor me, off into the big bad world of work now :cry: