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Superwifey Posts: 277
Girls have any fo you tried the celebrity slim programme and if so how did you find it? Any replies appreciated. Thanks girls :wv
gettingwed! Posts: 11
I started this about 6 months before my wedding last year and I found it really easy to stick to. Lost overall about a stone and a half, but I was in the gym and was exercising quite a lot aswell. I started at 10 stone 4 and went down to 8 stone 12 for my wedding. I didn't do it for the entire 6 months but I found it was great to kickstart me and I lost a good 10 pounds the first month. I religiously stuck to CS that month!
lilastragirl Posts: 56
Hey Ladies, I have started this 5 days ago, I am struggling a bit being hungry, and had one bad day. But I cant afford to have one bad day I am getting married in 7 weeks!___ With a lot of weight to loose. My friend stared it and lost 10 lbs in first week, and the chemist told me 2 of the girls working there lost over half both each on first wk, So i'm staying positive. Wud love others to spur me on for my final run!!!!
michelle06 Posts: 220
This sounds promising. I need to try something new. If i go back to WW again they'll laugh me outta d place! I haven't heard of Celebrity Slim tho. Would someone mind giving me a bit of info on it please? ie is it shakes or is it healthy eating? is it done thru a chemist? Thanks in advance, Michelle
Superwifey Posts: 277
Hi Michelle06, I just started the celebrity slim programme today, now its only one day but so far i think its grand, its a bit of a cross between atkins, the slimfast programme and the lipotrim programme. You have a protien shake for breakfast, then an allowable morning snack (fruit/yogurt ), another protien shake for lunch and then another allowable afternoon snack, then you have a healthy evening meal with any lean meat/chicken/fish as well as loads of veg or salad but no potatos, bread or pasta. Thats it really, you can buy it in most chemists and you can just do it yourself, you have to buy the shakes in the chemist but dont have to get weighed or measured there as you do with the lipotrim. So far so good but ill keep you posted with how things are going in a couple of weeks. Hope that helps a little :wv
michelle06 Posts: 220
Thanks a mill princess bananahammock for letting me know all about it. I've tried the lipotrim before, had great success with it (did it for 11 weeks and lost over 3 stone) but i ended up putting it back up unfortunately O:| Can I ask you how much the shakes cost? Thanks again
Italy07 Posts: 5409
In our local chemist its 2.49 per shake and I find the flavours are nicer then the Lipotrim.
lilastragirl Posts: 56
I am on day 7, getting into it now, and using the snacks to help with hunger, my h2b is on it too, although he hasnt much weight to loos and is really only supporting me. I havent weighed myself since sunday, but i was down 4lb in 4 days, I dont actually have a weighing scales in my house so I will wait to weight myself on same scales that I started with, it's in local shopping centre! :o0 Pretty happy with that!!!!!!!
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
how's it going girls really gonna start next week!
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
hi i was thinking of starting it for 3 weeks maybe tomoro! was on lipotrim couldnt do it!